Medical terms and their meaning


Medical terms and their meaning

Glossary of medical term is a list of definitions, branches and terms related to medicine. It is arranged alphabetically.


Abdomen – This is the part of the body that contains the stomach, small intestine, pancreas, large intestine and liver.

Abortion -This is the death or expulsion of a foetus by induction before the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy.

Amenorrhea -It is a condition in which a woman does not menstruate for a particular period. The cessation of menstrual flow is not a result of pregnancy but some internal body issue.

Amniotic fluid – This is a fluid that protects the foetus throughout the period of pregnancy till the baby is being delivered. If the fluid dries, the baby is at risk of death.

Anatomy – It is study of the human organism and its various part.

Antenatal – It is can also be called prenatal. It is a period before delivery and the care given during this period. Pregnant women are usually advised to go for antenatal care in a clinic, health centre or hospital.

Asthma – This is a respiratory-related illness. In this condition, a person finds it difficult to breathe. A person suffering from asthma has a severe cough.


Bandage – It is a strip of material used for binding around a wound. It is the major equipment in a first aid box.

Biology – This is the study of living things and their physical and internal structure. Biology is usually treated as a subject in secondary schools.

Blood donor – A person who donates his or her blood to another person or blood bank. Before blood donation is made, certain test is carried to know the compatibility of the blood.

Blood pressure – This is the pressure that the body uses to circulate blood in the wall of the blood vessel. When the pressure of blood circulation is high, it leads to a disease condition known as hypertension.

Breast cancer – This is a condition in which the cells inside the breast begin to grow out of control as a result of a lump called a tumour that begins to form deep inside the breast. If left untreated, this cell will continue to grow and spread throughout the body thereby causing a series of complications.


Cancer – It is an abnormal growth of the body’s cell that spreads into the body. There are so many types of cancer: breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer, etc.

Caesarean section – a process by which a woman is delivered a baby through surgery.

Clinic – a hospital where medical advice and treatment are given. A health care institution where only outpatients are treated.

Colon – This is another name for the large intestine.

Coma – It is a state of sudden unconsciousness which is very hard to recover.

Conjoined twins – identical twins that are not separate and share vital organs of the body.

Constipation – This is the inability to get rid of waste like faeces.

Consultant – A doctor that gives expert advice concerning a field in medicine.


Dentist – A doctor that specializes in cleaning, filling, removing teeth and fixing artificial teeth.

Dentistry – A branch of medicine that care about the teeth.

Druggist – A person that sells dugs

Dermatology – The study of the human skin.

Dialysis – A process in which a machine replaces the function of the kidney in the body. Because the kidney cannot perform its function.

Doctor – A person that has been trained in medical science.

Diagnosis – The process of identifying a disease condition by its signs and symptoms or test.

Dispenser – A person that dispenses drug.

Duodenum – The first part of small intestine.

Dysmenorrhea – A painful menstruation.


Ear – The organ of the human body that is used for hearing.

Embryology – A branch of medicine that studies the growth and development of the foetus.

Epidemic – A disease that spreads fast, affecting people in a particular area and time.

Extract – The act of removing a bullet from a wound.


Face – The front part of the human head that contains the eye, ear, nose and mouth.

Female Reproductive System – The system in a female body that contains both internal and external organs that are used in reproduction.

Fibroid – This is an abnormal growth in or outside the walls of the uterus. It might prevent conception as space for a foetus to grow is taken over be a fibroid.

Foetus – An unborn baby that grows in the uterus.


Glucose test – This is a test that is carried out to check the glucose level in the body.

Gynaecology – The study of diseases of women and pregnancies.

Gynaecologist – a doctor that specializes in treating female-related diseases and pregnancy.


HIV – This is an abbreviation for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a non-communicable disease that weakens the immune system of the body.

Hospital – It is a place where sick and injured people are kept for treatment. Doctors and Nurses are professionals that take care of them.


Infusion – This is the act of putting fluid into the body through the nerves.

Infertility – It is a failure to achieve conception in the space of one or more years of sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptives measure. This is the inability of a woman to conceive and bear a child. In men, it is the inability to get a woman pregnant.


Matron – A woman who manages the domestic affairs and nursing staff of a hospital.

Medic – a medical student.

Medicament – This is a substance used for medical treatment.

Medicine – It is the act and science of preventing and curing diseases.

Menorrhagia – This is the heavy loss of blood especially in frequent periods of 21 – 28 days cycle. It is a symptom of a disease like a fibroid.

Menopause – This is the cessation of menstruation due to changes or alternation in the hormonal balance and the absence of ovulation. It is usually associated with hot flushes, general malaise, psychological upset, physical upset and excessive weight gain.


Needle – a sharp thin piece of polish steel attached to the hollow end of the syringe used for giving an injection.

Neurology – It is the study of the human nervous system.

Neurologist – This is a person that studied neurology.

Nurse – a person that is trained in a licensed and approved nursing school. They take care of sick and injured people.


Paediatrician – A person that studies paediatrics.

Paediatrics – A branch of medicine that deals with children related illness.

Pill – A tablet of medicine that is usually swallowed.

Pharmacist – A person that studied pharmacy.

Pharmacy – A place where drugs are sold or the study of drugs preparation.

Psychiatric – The study and treatment of people that mental illness.

Psychiatrist- A doctor trained to take of people that have a mental problem


Surgeon – A doctor that performs an operation.

Surgery – A medical study of carrying out an operation.

Stethoscope – An instrument used in checking heartbeat and the sound of breathing.

Syringe – A rubber used in drawing in the liquid used for washing out wounds and injecting medicine into the body.


Urinalysis – A test that is carried out with the urine.

Urinary system – The system that helps in removing waste from the body.


Vaccine – It is a substance that is administered into the bloodstream that prevents diseases.

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