Motivational letter example


Motivational Letter Example 


When applying for jobs, after putting together your resume, the employer usually skips your resume or just refuses to check. We often wonder how to make ours stand out when applying for a job. This is what the motivational letter is meant for.

The letter paints an irresistible picture of you to the employer. When writing a motivational letter you should be able to, in one page, tell the employer what makes you more qualified and why he should look at your resume.

What is a motivational letter?

This is simply a one-page letter used to describe why you are qualified and the best option for the job. Like the cover letter, this letter is usually attached to your resume or CV.

A motivational letter is a simple one-page letter describing why you are qualified for the job you are applying for. 

How to Write a motivational letter

When applying for a job, you want to write a motivational letter that stands out from all other applicants and shows you are qualified. When writing a motivational letter, there are things we should always consider or do to make our letter stand out. Few things to consider when writing a motivational letter are listed below. 

  • When writing a motivational letter you have to be very sure that you know where you are applying to, what you are applying for and whom you are applying to. This helps you understand the job and also who to address this letter to. 
  • Carry out some investigations about the company, browse their site, find out the key things that’s required for the job, then write how you best suit those criteria basically needed for the job, this will give you a good leep over other applicants. 
  • Find out the nums and values of the organisation and demonstrate that you also share the same value with the organisation. Try to show the employer or company that you are the man for them as much as possible. 
  • Your motivational letter should show how motivated, excited and ready you are to work with them. Please note that do not plead for the job but show you are willing and ready to work for them. Sell yourself, state why they need you in their company, and make them want to look at your resume
  • The most important thing to always consider is Always Be Truthful. Do not lie, don’t say what you cannot accomplish. Always tell the truth in your letter. 

Example of a motivational letter

To: where ever you are sending the letter to

First Name Last Name 


Phone number 

Relevant social media handles

The introduction 


My name is James Bassey Sunday, I am interested in applying for the position of back-end developer in your company. I have loved programming and coding since i was a kid, and i would love to use my skills to help develop your company. 

Body of the letter 


I had a passion for programming and software design since i was a child, i developed this passion in an internship at start innovation hub. Working here enabled me to grow and develop PHP, java, c++, and Python skills. I would love to use these skills to help with projects and jobs in your company. 


Here you can state why you are a good fit for the job


I am qualified for this job because i have good and indebt knowledge of Java, PHP, c++ and python. I would love to be part of your company which will allow me to use my skills for greater jobs and grow my experience. 

Having said all this, i believe you will be able to write an effective motivational letter and entice your employer. Motivational letters help you make yourself stand out amongst other applicants, which means you have to write a very effective motivational letter. A letter that will push employers to look at your resume, a letter that will put you in front of other applicants.

Congratulations, you are well on your way to writing an effective motivational letter. 


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