Top 2 richest musician in Nigeria


Top 2 Richest Musicians in Nigeria

The music industry is one of Nigeria’s most promising and successful industries. Many music tracks and albums are released every year, and our youth having musical talents and love for music, thrives to succeed in the music industry. We have so many wonderful musicians emerging in Nigeria these past years, and all are making it in the industry. 

Music in Nigeria is our culture, people from different tribes listen and play different songs, be it hip hop, jazz, pop, dance hall or any other genre of music. There are so many kinds of songs played to suit different kinds of mood. Songs we play to comfort us, songs we play to party, and so on. 

People benefit and make a living off music. We have so many artists from Nigeria known worldwide, and they are making it in the music industry, making their money every day. This brings the question, who is the Richest Musician in Nigeria? 

Who is the richest musician in Nigeria 

The richest musician in Nigeria happens to be Wizkid with a net worth of 20 million dollars. Over the years we have listened to and loved Wizkid’s music. Dancing and playing his tracks all over Nigeria. Putting together all assets, Wizkid happened to be the richest musician in Nigeria. 

About Wizkid

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun famously known as Wizkid was born on the 16th of July 1990. Wizkid’s music career started at the age of 11. He released a song with The Glorious Five this ground was formed by him and his church members. At 2009, Wizkid signed a deal with Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) releasing his first single Hola At Your Boy. This track was a hit, playing all around Nigeria and also outside Nigeria. This track brought Wizkid to the limelight and made his name popular in every household. 

This was a lead single in his first-ever album superstar at 2011. Wizkid became the first Nigerian musician to have over 1million followers on Twitter. After his contract with E.M.E expired, Wizkid left. In 2016, Wizkid was able to achieve international recognition following a collaboration with Drake on the hit song one dance. 

Wizkid’s Houses and Cars 

Wizkid has a 13 million naira mansion in Surulere, Lagos, and another in Los Angeles. 

Wizkid’s car collections are 

Lamborghini Urus worth 80 million naira 

Porsche Panamera worth 50.8 million naira. 

Used Mercedes Benz G63 AMG worth around  55 million – 65 million naira. 

BMW X6 crossover worth 8.7 million naira.

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The second Richest musician is Davido

Davido has a net worth of 19million dollars. 

Davido is another well-known musician in Nigeria, his songs are known all over Nigeria and even outside Nigeria. David Adeleke is popularly known as Davido. 

He was born in Atlanta, United States of America, to the family of Dr Deji Adeleke, a co-founder of the Adeleke University of Osun state and the C.E.O. of Pacific Holdings Limited. 

Davido released a track called Back When ft Naeto C before his hit track Dami Duro.

Dami Duro was released on the 30th of October 2011, which announced Davido to all of Nigeria. Davido’s songs are loved all over Nigeria. His songs are one of the most played songs in the Country.

Davido’s cars and houses 

Davido has two mansions in Lekki, Lagos, and a getaway mansion in Georgia, USA. Davido’s car collection is dazzling with:

Rolls Royce Cullinan 2019 (~₦350 million) 

Bentley Bentayga (₦108 million)

Bentley Continental GT (~₦95 million)

Porsche Panamera Turbo S (~₦22.8 million)

Range Rover Sports (₦84 million – ₦90 million)

Range Rover SV Autobiography (₦98 million)

Chevrolet Camaro GS (₦9.4 million)

Audi R8 (₦23.4 million naira)

Audi Q7 (₦12 million)

Mercedes-AMG GLS63 (~₦45 million)

Mercedes G-Wagon (~₦21 million)

Toyota Land Cruiser (~₦30 million) several cars like a Porsche, Range Rover Sport and Chevrolet Camaro

The Nigerian music industry produces greate musicians every year, with greate and wonderful tracks. Music in Nigeria is part of the life of the people. Nigeria is gifted with talented musicians and they are blessing the nation with their wonderful tracks. Music is life. To be a successful musician needs talent and hard work. Every musician works hard for his glory. We listen to music every day, when we are sad, when we are happy and in different emotions, we often use music to comfort and console our selves. 


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