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The Angelus – 4 Reasons Catholics Stand Still While Praying The Angelus

The Angelus - 4 Reasons Catholics Stand Still While Praying The Angelus
The Angelus - 4 Reasons Catholics Stand Still While Praying The Angelus

The Angelus – 4 Reasons Catholics Stand Still While Praying The Angelus

On my first day at a Catholic school, a humorous incident occurred while playing piggyback. During our game, a bell suddenly rang, causing the person carrying me to freeze in place with me still on her back. Looking back on the experience, I find it so amusing that I even burst out laughing.

The students not of the Catholic faith will go through a comparable experience. After the prayers, I asked the girl what was happening; she simply responded that if the seniors had caught us moving around during the Angelus, we would have faced severe punishment. I pondered on why Catholics take the Angelus so seriously and found the reasons below.

The Angelus is a Catholic practice that observes the coming of Christ in human form. It is a devotional prayer associated with the Virgin Mary and traditionally recited thrice daily, typically at 6 am, noon, and 6 pm, often signalled by the tolling of a bell. This centuries-old prayer, known as the Angelus, dates back to the 13th century.

The prayer primarily involves repeating the Hail Mary three times, and over time, it has been supplemented with three introductory verses and a closing verse and prayer.

While reciting the Angelus, Catholics are encouraged to pause their activities, even if only briefly, to contemplate the profound mystery of the Incarnation. This sacred moment provides an opportunity to express prayers of adoration and gratitude to God. Additional motives for maintaining a stationary posture during prayer include:

  • Respect/Reverence

Remaining motionless during prayer is an indication of showing honour and admiration. By assuming a stationary position, people exhibit their concentration and commitment to the prayer, recognizing the sanctity of the occasion.

Standing still while reciting the Angelus has been a customary practice among various Christian communities for a long time. By adhering to this tradition, people link themselves to a wider group of believers who have performed the same devotion for centuries, promoting a feeling of togetherness and uninterrupted spiritual practice.

  • The Connection Between Physical and Spiritual Postures

Standing straight represents being alert and prepared, both physically and spiritually. It indicates an open stance and willingness to receive the divine message conveyed through prayer.

  • All-Round Connection

Standing still can assist individuals in synchronizing their thoughts, physical state, and inner self. Achieving stillness in the body can decrease interruptions and support a more concentrated and significant prayer experience.

The act of pausing during the Angelus is aimed at helping Catholics develop a prayerful and reflective attitude throughout their day. By dedicating a few moments to meditating on the presence of God in their lives, Catholics can enhance their relationship with God and strengthen their faith.

This practice also serves as a way of acknowledging the significance of faith in their everyday activities. Although standing still during the Angelus is a common tradition, note that physical posture is not the main focus.

The prayer’s essence lies in the sincerity, devotion, and connection with God that one brings to it, regardless of the physical posture adopted.


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