The Ecostrad Ecosystem application was created to cater to individuals’ needs by providing a solution that eliminates the hassle of physically adjusting infrared heaters, given the increasing number of people switching to electric heating.

The app is designed to prioritize speed and convenience in heat management, surpassing the constraints of manual and Bluetooth control. It is an advanced heating application easily accessible from anywhere with a WiFi connection.

With a tap, drag or swipe on your smartphone; you can instantly modify your Ecostrad smart heaters. Furthermore, the app provides cost-cutting and energy-saving features, which we will explain below.

Ecostrad Ecosystem: An In-Depth Examination Of Our Domestically Developed Heating Application.

1. Effortless Navigation

Our designers put a lot of effort into creating an interface that is visually appealing and easy to use. The hub manager comes with a useful on-screen guide that helps you to connect your appliances quickly by selecting from the list of Ecostrad electric heaters.

The temperature settings can be easily accessed through intuitive slider functions, while the user interface is uncluttered, making it easy to navigate. All the necessary features are accessible from the homepage, ensuring a seamless user experience.

2. Heat Management On The Go

Take full advantage of the programming capabilities of Ecosystem regardless of your location. You are not restricted to controlling your appliances manually or within a short range. You can make adjustments from any part of the world at any time.

Whether you have a holiday home that must be frost-free or a rental property that requires a heating boost before viewings, the Ecosystem app can help you achieve these tasks and more.

3. Voice Control

The ecosystem allows for integrating Ecostrad heaters with Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistants. This means that properties equipped with these assistants can easily control their heaters through voice commands without needing specific phrasing.

The Ecostrad heaters can be customized with any name the user prefers, making it effortless to adjust the temperature or turn the heater on/off with a quick voice command, providing a hassle-free, hands-free management experience.

4. Account Sharing

With Ecosystem, it is possible to log in to the same account on several smart devices, providing a more convenient experience for guests and renters. This shared access feature ensures the user can see the energy consumed using the Ecosystem.

By sharing the account, the user’s family members can utilize the Ecostrad heaters without any worries about losing their own devices. This feature helps to alleviate stress for the user.

5. Have The Final Say

The Ecosystem app empowers users to have complete control over their radiator settings. The app sends instructions at predetermined times or whenever users make temporary changes.

Additionally, even if the thermostats on the radiators have been manually adjusted, the programming on the Ecosystem app will always have the upper hand, ensuring that users with the app have complete authority over their appliances.

Ecostrad Ecosystem: A detailed description of its features and capabilities.

1. Program heaters individually or enable zone heating.

The Ecostrad Ecosystem offers a unique feature where all Ecostrad heaters can be connected to a single point of use, allowing optimal heat management. This feature is especially useful for commercial spaces that may not require personal heating.

Managing the heating system becomes more convenient with the ability to program the entire system from a mobile device, even when not on the premises. By dividing the interior into assigned heating zones, footfall can be prioritized.

Bathroom and patio heaters can also be programmed individually to reflect sporadic use. The app’s user interface allows for micromanagement and a set-and-forget approach, catering to various preferences and property needs.


Customize your heating system by grouping heaters and labelling them according to your preferences. You can program all appliances to follow the same schedule or adjust them individually.

You can also choose a personalized image for your heaters and zones to make them easier to locate. For rooms that are seldom used, you can either turn off their heaters or set them to an eco-friendly mode to save on costs while still maintaining optimal heat management.

2. 24/7 Scheduling That Can Be Adjusted In Seconds

With the Ecostrad Ecosystem app, you can easily schedule your heating preferences hourly, daily or weekly. You can create “blocks” with your desired temperature and heating mode and save them for future use.

The app provides a user-friendly interface that lets you make quick and easy adjustments to your settings with just a few taps on your smart device. You can make decisions by the minute or reuse previously saved settings.


Plan your heating system by utilizing the simple slider feature. Replicate and transfer the configurations for several days without any hassle. Quickly elevate the temperature beyond the usual schedule using temperature controls that are visually responsive.

You can employ voice commands to arrange your heating boosts or schedule when you are inside the property.

3. Select An Alternative Heating Mode With a Single Tap

You can choose from three different heating modes and include them in your heaters’ schedule or use them as a temporary adjustment. For instance, Ecostrad heaters like the iQ Ceramic can activate these modes independently as part of their energy-saving programming.

You can modify or delete the app’s schedule to allow your heaters to function more independently. However, if you stick to the app-run timetable, you can monitor the temperature and energy consumption in real time and make necessary adjustments remotely.


1. The radiator maintains a steady temperature between 7-30°C to provide comfort. A thermostat detects the room temperature and regulates the heating elements to keep the room at the desired temperature.

2. The Eco mode of the radiator functions comparable to the Comfort mode by heating the radiator to a specific level. Nonetheless, the Eco mode is intended for a lower temperature, providing an energy-efficient option.

3. The Anti-Frost mode is useful for unoccupied rental properties or vacation homes. It can be activated in rooms that will be vacant for extended periods by setting it to a temperature of 7°C. When the temperature drops below the set level, the mode is triggered, which maintains the room’s temperature at a level that prevents pipes from freezing.