“we will not Campaign for Tinubu”— Christian Northerners to APC


The All progressive congress has recorded a massive decline in membership following its choice to run with a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket.

As of the 12th of July 2022, Christians in the 19 northern states made a joint decision and revolted against the party’s choice for the 2023 presidential election

With the likes of rivers state APC chieftain, Prince Tonye, princewill, former Abia state Military Administrator, Frank Ajobena, Nollywood veteran actor, Kenneth Okonkwo tendering their resignation and the CAN Borno state chapter denying the endorsement of such presidential procession

The Christians in the All progressive congress have followed in the same vein and moved against their democratically elected flag bearer, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, saying that they will not campaign for his political agenda anymore.

This sailing notion became a national topic after the northern Christians tendered a bulletin signed by prof. Dokna sheni and Gen. Ishaku Buaka, to the media, while trailing just behind an emergency meeting in Abuja.

They had discoursed the boiling point of a Muslim president and a Muslim vice president and its implication on a community diversified by mixed religiosity.

The bulletin expressed that Tinubu’s choice of muslim running mate had segregated competent Christians from political activities in the north and brought to the surface level the insensitivity of the All Progressive Congress.

It further dispensed a warning note giving the party till July 15 to revoke its choice or fall under heavy consequences

The bulletin read in part:

The Christian politicians in the 19 Northern states within APC met in Abuja to deliberate on the issue of the party’s Muslim – Muslim president and vice president candidates and the implications for the nation.

The meeting decided as follows: that as Christians within APC, we cannot in all fairness to our consciences and our faith go to our various constituencies to campaign for a Muslim – Muslim ticket.

Nigeria is a multi-religious and constitutional democracy and NOT a theocracy. The current political atmosphere of the nation is different from what occurred in 1993 and therefore a Muslim Muslim ticket is unacceptable.

“The selection of a Moslem vice presidential candidate portrayed insensitivity to the Christians in the Nation

“The fear of the Christians in the North and the nation, in general, is that the APC will be viewed as an Islamic party and that the Muslim – Muslim ticket was not possible in 2015, why should it be possible in 2023?

More so, that we are apprehensive that the person picked might have had a hand in the Chibok girls’ saga and other terror activities.

Muslim-Muslim ticket would undermine the election chances of Christian candidates in APC in the various states in the North.

The Christians in the North and the whole nation are highly aggravated, considering that the chairman of the party is a Muslim, deputy chairman (North) is a Muslim, the president of the Senate is a Muslim, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives are Muslims, and now both the presidential and vice-presidential candidates are Muslims.

Apart from this violating the constitution section 14 subsection 3, if this was to be reversed that all these were Christians, can any Muslim in the North be able to sell the APC presidential tickets to any Muslim Ummah?

“If this selection of a Muslim Vice President candidate is not changed, there will be serious and grave consequences.

“At this moment of national peril, what should be paramount in Nigeria is unity and not infrastructure or economy. For without unity we cannot build.

“Any party or candidate that elevates the greed of a few above the needs of the many has no business running the affairs of Nigeria.”

IGBAJI U.C.https://igbajiugabi.com
Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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