What is a Menstrual Disc? See The 4 Steps to Insert the Menstrual Disc


What is a Menstrual Disc? See The 4 Steps to Insert the Menstrual Disc

Women seek the utmost comfort and quality when it comes to menstrual products. There are various options available beyond traditional choices like pads and tampons. Menstrual cups, widely recognized, and menstrual discs are alternatives to period products. In this article, we will provide comprehensive information about menstrual discs, which are considered healthy menstrual tools by many.

What is a menstrual disc?

A menstrual disc is a small, disc-shaped device placed at the upper part of the vagina to gather menstrual blood during your period. Similar to a menstrual cup, it offers an alternative to traditional options like tampons, pads, or period underwear. On average, menstrual discs can hold more blood, approximately 80ml, as opposed to tampons, pads, and cups, which typically range from 20-50ml in capacity.

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Menstrual disc vs. menstrual cup

While the menstrual disc and menstrual cup have similar functions, the following are the differences.

menstrual discmenstrual cup
The menstrual disc has a higher blood-holding capacity, approximately 80ml, than menstrual cups.The menstrual cup holds 20-50ml
Menstrual discs are positioned beneath the cervix and above the vaginal canal.Menstrual cups are located at the centre of the vaginal canal.
Menstrual discs can be used while engaging in sexual intercourseMenstrual cups can’t be used during sex
Typically, menstrual cups feature perforations to establish a suction.Menstrual discs do not create a suction mechanism.
Menstrual disc are accepted by many to be flexible and comfortable.Menstrual cup can be but not compared to menstrual disc

N/B: It’s crucial to remember that experiencing a menstrual flow exceeding 80ml (equivalent to 16 teaspoons or the capacity of a full menstrual disc) is categorized as a heavy period and warrants consultation with a healthcare professional.

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How to insert a menstrual disc

Here is how to insert a menstrual disc

  1. Thoroughly clean your hands.
  2. Gently compress the middle of the disc’s rim and insert it into the vaginal canal.
  3. Continue to guide the disc toward the back of the canal until you feel it is positioned below the cervix.
  4. Apply gentle pressure upwards on the front of the rim to ensure it is securely in place over your cervix and behind your pubic bone.

It’s important to mention that inserting it is quite straightforward. The key challenge often lies in one’s mental perception of the process and understanding the correct angle to avoid discomfort or pain.

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Utilizing a water-based lubricant can greatly ease the insertion process. Some discs are designed with notches or tabs that facilitate their removal later on.

How to remove a menstrual disc

Follow these steps for removal:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Sit on the toilet, ensuring you’re in a suitable place if any spillage occurs.
  3. Insert your index finger into your vagina and hook it under the disc’s rim, gently pulling it straight out.
  4. If you encounter difficulty reaching the disc, use your pelvic muscles to bear down, mimicking the act of trying to have a bowel movement. This action will help release the rim from behind your pubic bone.
  5. Empty the contents into the toilet, and if necessary, wrap them in toilet paper before disposing of them in the trash.


While menstrual discs can alleviate other associated period discomforts, it’s important to clarify that they do not alleviate cramps. Many people have inquired about their reusability, and this is where menstrual cups are often preferred. Unlike menstrual cups, menstrual discs are not reusable; they are disposed of after use.

It’s crucial to understand that there are no associated risks with using menstrual discs. Additionally, menstrual discs can be worn for up to 12 hours, although you may need to change them more frequently based on your menstrual flow.

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