What is a Venn Diagram and its examples?


What is a Venn Diagram


Venn diagram is an example of a graphic organizer. It is a method of drawing or using diagrams to explain complex concepts. Venn diagram is usually used when there has to be a display or an exhibition, showing the contrasts between two or more ideas or sets as mathematically called.

It goes as far as showing the similarities that two or more different ideas seem to share. The Venn diagram is usually used in learning environments or presentations where one has to show that X (a party) is different from Y (another party).

What is a Venn diagram?

According to the Webster dictionary, a Venn diagram is a graph that utilizes curves, especially circles or even ovals, to show or represent logical reasoning. The Venn diagram is also called Set diagram or Logic diagram. Venn diagrams tend to show relationships between operations, sets and the terms of the proposition.

They are always used for illustrations in the sciences, in logical reasoning, computer sciences, mathematics, statics and, interestingly, in business. In using a Venn diagram, there is always a point of intersection. Outside the learning environment, a Venn diagram is used in different industries.

For example, in the financial industry. A situation where one has to illustrate in diagrams that their competitors are either doing better on a certain level or they want to illustrate the weaknesses of their competitors. It is used to give reports or make presentations.

The Venn diagram is one of the best methods to use as a form of graphic organizer. With the Venn diagram, one can also show what things they have in common with a different party: their similarities. Mathematically, a Venn diagram shows or represents the intersection of two different groups.

The Venn diagram is most times used to teach primary or elementary set theory in mathematics. It was started sometime in the 1880s by John Venn. The Venn diagram is a unique set of the Euler diagrams. The Euler diagrams in its uniqueness do also show relationships between sets, they do not carry or use the method of overlapping.

Just like the Venn diagram and other graphic organizers, the Euler diagrams help in the explanation of complex concepts, showing their differences in ranks, using more simple shapes.

What is a Venn Diagram -Example of a Venn diagram

A Venn diagram uses curves and always has a point of intersection. The point of intersection is when members of two different sets come together and become or share their both sets, which makes them similar in their operations.

In other words, the point of intersection is always where two or more parties involved in a theory share things in common or similarities; it is also called the intersection of the sets. Unlike other types or forms of graphic organizers, especially the concept map that can be done in different ways or take different shapes, the Venn diagram has its own peculiarity.

The only form it can take is that of circles or curves. An example of a Venn diagram is where there are three planets (circles). Planet A, which is Earth, inhabits only people who eat fish. Planet B, Jupiter, is occupied by people who eat only chicken and planet C, Mercury, sustains only people who eat bread.

The point where planets A and C meet will be called the point of intersection, meaning planets C can also contain or inhabit people who eat fish, and planet A can also contain people who eat bread. Most importantly, there is always an “overlapping” to show a Venn diagram. Overlapping in the Venn diagram shows all the possible relationships different sets are most likely to share in an entire presentation. There are different symbols used to represent sets. They are;

  • U, which means Union and is present in two different sets.
  • n an upside-down U which shows the point of intersection
    – this shows “difference”, present in one set and absent in the other.

What is a Venn Diagram -Conclusion

The use of Venn diagram makes for easy representation and helps explain complex concepts. Easily helps in presenting reports and solving theoretical problems in the sciences, like mathematics.

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