Who is Pontius Pilate? What happened to him after the death of Jesus?


The life of Jesus— a more preferred tale than the Jewish holocaust. One made unique by its not so sudden ending which unlike antique folktales unclothed the death of christ by an Indecisive man; Pontius pilate.

Regardless of if Jesus was once a sentient lifeform or a titular character in a sci-fi gothic Jewish novel the influence he had geared could possibly be the most compelling force on earth.

As he stands as the progenitor of Christianity; with all its quirks and kinks, his death; a breath of fresh air for spiritual liberty and of great importance to the ruffled fabric of Christianity didn’t only come by way of divine orchestration but was made by the hands of a man; Pontius pilate. A man that dates back over 2000 years ago,

But who really is Pontius Pilate and What happened to him after the death of Jesus?

before the height of his influence, the Roman prefect was signposted as a Roman knight of the Samnite clan of Pontii, the very essence that adorned him with his moniker “Pontius”

He became ruler of Judea under the request of Lucius Aelius Sejanus, the chief administrator of the Roman Empire for emperor Tiberius.

Pontius Pilate, laced with power while subsisting under the protection of Sejanus, exercised the oppression of both Jews and Samaritans by constantly bastardizing their religious consciousness;

He would deliberately hang the images of the emperor and engrain pagan symbols on minted coins—an act that proved insulting to Jewish sensibility.

before he became a pivotal determinant presiding over the trial and the death of Jesus Christ, he was most notable for his cruelty and oppression, perhaps, the worst of which involved unjustified crucifixion; a capital punishment that sends the convicted to death by shock and asphyxiation while hanging on a cross.

He had carried the fame of it across many acts from the Samaritans, to Jews to the sheer mental recollection of modern Christians, putting many of his victims, both justly and unjustly, to death by hanging on the cross. He had perpetuated his gross misconduct so that the Samaritans had sailed his name to the legate of SyriaVitellius, recalling his unprovoked attack on them on Mt. Gerizim(AD 36).

Who is Pontius Pilate? What happened to him after the death of Jesus?

For an individual who displayed an extreme level of highhandedness, his death came by his own hands following his trial in the 40th century and the immediate orders from Emperor Caligula on the prior basis of his trial.

Pilate, after the death of Jesus, became the prime factor to his demise.


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