WordPress Plugins List, Benefits and Features


WordPress Plugins have made the job of a developer easy. Here is all to know about plugins and WordPress CMS.

What is WordPress?

WordPress Plugins Example NG: Nigeria's Information Hub
Wordpress Plugins List, Benefits and Features 4

WordPress, in a nutshell can be defined as an industry or factory which aids bloggers and/or other digital marketers in the creation of  web-pages.

In other words, it can be regarded as a user friendly interface which aids its users in creating web pages.

As fore mentioned in the text, the core users of WordPress are individuals who use and need websites for one reason or another. 

It is regarded as user friendly because it is quite easy to use with virtually all the elements required for a web page almost fully prepared for its users, all the user needs to do is obtain a hosting service and a domain.

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Features of WordPress

An ideal WordPress website consists of the following components:

  • The Admin dashboard.
  • Themes.
  • Plugins.
  • Post.
  • Media.
  • Pages.
  • Comments.
  • Appearance.

What Are WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins can be defined as little bits or parts of a software which can be downloaded in order to add, extend or expand the functionality of the user’s WordPress site.

In other words, it can be defined as a piece of software which contains certain functions and uses in a website, when it is uploaded or downloaded, it increases the functionality of the WordPress website.

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Types And Uses Of WordPress Plugins

There are different types of WordPress plugins, each of them have different roles which they play or serve in WordPress websites. However, an example of a few includes:

All in one SEO

As the name implies, it is a form of plugin which is used mostly by bloggers.

This is so because it helps them to attract more traffic or visitors to their sites with the aid of search engine optimization.


It is a free plugin which is mostly used by individuals with online stores.

Its aim is to help individuals create and/or design their WordPress stores in the best way that will suit their brands or their produce and also aid in dragging traffic to the store as well.

Constant Contact

This type of plugin aids and enables its users to efficiently progress in email marketing. This is so because it aids its user in delivering emails to his/her subscribes as well as creating a medium via email which customers can use to contact the blog or website owner when he/she is unavailable.


This type of plugin is efficiently used and loved by people with online stores and bloggers alike. This is so because it aids users in designing and/or customizing their web pages without the use of any form of code. Hence, it saves them the stress and money of hiring a developer to do it for them.


This is a unique type of plugin,this is so because it serves a different function other than designing or setting up some sort of website. This form of plugin aids its users in building courses or membership sites on WordPress.

It can also be used to restrict users who have not  properly paid or subscribed to the site from gaining or getting access to the desired site.

It is a premium plugin, that is to say that individuals can only have access to this sort of plugin if they pay or subscribe for it.

WP Rocket

As the name implies, it aids the user in increasing and/ or improving the normal speed of the website without the use of any form of technical skills.

It has proven time and again to be a very useful and user friendly plugin in any form of WordPress plugin, however, it is also premium like the MemberPress plugin.

Push Engage

This form of plugin has different functions depending on the type and function of the user’s WordPress website.

For example, for blogging websites, it aids the user in sending notifications to users who click on the notifications button.

For people with eCommerce websites,it comes with different features which will aid the user in ordering, adding to chart or abandoning the chart of specific products on the site.

The general use of a WordPress plugin is that it serves as a means of boosting the functionality of the user’s website in one way or another depending on the type of plugin installed on uploaded to the site by the user or administrator.

A plugin can either be free or premium, both instances were also explained in the text.

While there are loads of free plugins available to be uploaded, users are often advised to make use of the premium plugins for better efficiency and effectiveness.

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