3 Suspects Linked To the Death Of Usman Ahmed Arrested



3 Suspects Linked To the Death Of Usman Ahmed Arrested, CP vows to Retribute.


Retribution has taken its toll as the police command attached to the Federal capital territory Abuja has responded to the death of Ahmad Usman, a vigilante who fell victim to claims of blasphemy and a dire infringement on fundamental human rights on the 4th of June in Lugbe,

The Patrol Commander Attached to Lugbe for the vigilance division, Abdulahi Umar, while recounting the tale of the horrific event

Pegged it as one framed up from thin air. In his words, speaking with knowledge of hindsight, he made it known that the pair had already been involved in a disagreement before the 4th of June, facilitating the demise of Usman Ahmad.

He said that after he had sent Usman to examine the garage, Usman had an encounter with Mallam Ahmed whom he quizzed for wandering about around 12am. from that point a misunderstanding spiraled out and Usman threatened all the boys that were with Lawan to be arrested and detained.

Mallam Ahmed staunchly refused and further accused the vigilante of misconduct. He further lashed back with threats to kill Usman.

The following day, Abdullahi said he stumbled upon a crowd of 8 people who came to the vigilance office in the name of the previous incident and accused Usman of blasphemy against the name of the prophet.

The incident being solved only rebounded with a total of 200 people demanding that Usman be brought out and burned for blasphemy.

Abdullahi also mentioned that the fallen security personnel had only wedded at the onset of this year and was quite unfortunate to be buried on Saturday in accordance with Islamic rites.

The Arrest

The apprehension of Mallam Lawan along with the key suspects that actualized the lynching of Usman was only made possible after a serious investigation was carried out.

Reacting to the arrest of the suspects. the commissioner of Police, CP Babaji Sunday, revealed that the police would do everything within its power to effectuate justice.


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