Human rituals are overrated, these 6 organs will fetch you millions.


Human rituals are overrated, here’s a list of Organs that can land you millions.

There is a list of lucrative businesses that many would factor in Affiliate marketing, fashion designing, and blogging as core concepts to gain heavily.

But in sameness, many won’t see themselves as usable assets to retaining millions and billions, and every other figure above such.

this of course does not include human trafficking, prostitution, and modern-day rituals.

Aside from being benignant enough to help those in need of organs. selling yours would get you a hand full of money that if spent wisely would spill over to your third generation.

Such is a testament of the US research carried out on the Bio composure of a human and displayed on the medical Futurist which details that every chemical and organ in the body if sold would bag in a stunning $45 million which can be further interpreted as 18 billion Naira.

But pilling off every organ and chemical in your body would only sustain you long enough to see your own funeral which would take place instantly. Human rituals are overrated, these 6 organs will fetch you millions. Start small. Start with your:

1. Kidneys:

Consequently, there are 123,000+ patients in the world in need of kidneys this is a result of uncontrolled kidney-related diseases stemming from wholesome consumption of Alcohol, unholy food mixtures, and excessive drug abuse.

but the response to such has been inarguably low. The provision of organs doesn’t parallel the demands as only 14,000 people are lucky enough to receive a transplant indicates as active bodies of the recorded 18 deaths per day waiting for transplant.

This only has sky rocketed the cost of kidneys as a pair is $262,000 otherwise seen as 108,761,440 Naira (one hundred eight million seven hundred sixty-one thousand four hundred forty), that’s such a big money. one can still live a normal life with just a kidney.

Instant riches are achieved legally.

2. Livers.

Just like your kidneys, the liver being a core organ in the body can rack you a stunning $557,000(231,239,000 Naira) per say, and humans have double liver in the body.

The Cost and dire need of it is tied to how far Diabetes, type 1 and 2 has ravaged the world.

3. Skin.

Be it the fore skin of the human private part or the ones spreading across the human skeletal frame. The human skin, harvested; poached from dead bodies, or gotten legally, has had a long history of replacement surgeries, and full-Thickness graft(for burns, injuries, and/or disease infections.)

An inch of it cost $10 which is 4,000 Naira.

Although not jaw-dropping. selling a whole yard of it would surely gun you directly to surprising figures.

4. Stomach.

As appalling as it may be the human body can generally bypass the major blowout of the stomach and direct food particles from the Oesophagus to the intestine.

The need of a stomach, although not globally looked upon, is nearly over scaled.
The market value of a stomach is $500 (207, 560)

Do you need to ward off bills and debts?
do you have a stomach you aren’t using? Or a spleen($500)?

5. Eyeballs.

An eyeball is worth $1,500. If going blind isn’t much of a hassle for you. Selling both ($4000=1 million naira) can easily make you a millionaire on black shaded glasses.

6. Heart.

The heart, being a vital organ takes the cake as the most expensive component owned by a human. Ever human needs a functioning heart to be alive. the heart is what pumps blood to the veins which moves it round the body.

With a stunning market value of $1million(4billion Naira).

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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