31 Phrasal verbs


31 Phrasal verbs


Phrasal Verbs are what we use in our daily communication. They are embodied with extra meaning. Most phrasal verbs have idiomatic meanings. Phrasal Verb is an expression that combines verbs and prepositions. Know the meaning of all the words in a phrasal verb does not give its intended meaning.

The meaning of a phrasal verb is based on the context of usage. This subjects a phrasal verb to different interpretations or meanings. For instance: bring up means raising a topic in a meeting and to pack something
a. The issue of the lateness of staff members was brought up in the meeting.
b. The lady brought up her boxes.

Examples of Phrasal Verbs

1. Buckle down means to work hard.
Example: If you buckle down, you will pass your exams.

2. Buckle up means to fasten something
Example: Please buckle up.

3. Cut in means to interrupt.
Example: The Director was cut in by his secretary during the meeting.

4. Cut off means to stop, destroy or disconnect something.
Example: The man cut off the dried plantain stem.

5. Bring down means to make something happen
Example: Mr Clark loves bringing down people.

6. Bring out means to make something easier to see or taste, to bring something out from somewhere
Example: I want to bring out the aroma of the food by frying.

7. Kick-off means to commence, start or begin.
Example: The match will kick off by 9 pm.

8. Kick out means to dismiss someone.
Example: The new team member was kicked out due to his attitude.

9. Give in means to succumb or to accept.
Example: After much persuasion, she gave in to his request.

10. Makeup means to bring things together, to pretend that something is true, to become friends with someone after an argument or disagreement.
Examples: The committee was made up of men and women.
She decided to make up that story.
David made up with John after two years.

11. Make away means for something to be stolen.
Example: The armed robber made away with two million Naira.

12. Break up means to end something.
Example: She broke up with him after six months of dating.

13. Break out means to escape
Example: The prisoners broke out of the cell.

14. Break off means to stop talking or doing something suddenly.
Example: The secretary had to break off the discussion to speak to a customer.

15. Break in means to gain into a place in order to steal.
Example: The thieves broke in and stole a television set.

16. Round off means to end or finish.
Example: We will round off the meeting when the manager comes.

17. Round up means to gather or arrest.
Examples: Thousands of women were rounded up.
The farmer rounded up the crops.

18. Look after means take care of something or somebody.
Example: Rita was to look after her younger sister.

19. Look ahead means to plan effectively for the future.
Example: Let’s look ahead because the present situation is temporary.

20. Stand out means outstanding.
Example: Loveth stands out in everything she does.

21. Stand up for means to support and defend something or someone.
Example: It is time for us to stand up for our rights.

22. Hem in means to make someone know that they are not free to do whatever they want to do and to surround someone closely.
Examples: The staff were hemmed in with rules and regulations.
The soldiers hemmed in the armed robbers.

23. Step down means to leave a position.
Example: The President stepped down last month.

24. Step up means to increase the speed at which something was done.
Example: The school wants to step up it’s academic standard.

Other examples are gotten from Luke Eyoh’s English Idioms and Figurative Expressions: A Use of English Handbook. They are:

25. To run down means to become weak
Example: The care battery needs recharging; it has run down.

26. To run off means to print; produce
Example: Please run off only 100 copies of the notice.

27. To turn on means to excite
Example: What turns you on?

28. To turn off means to cause somebody to lose interest
Examples: Some books really turn readers off.

29. To turn out means to produce
Example: Nigerian universities turn out thousands of graduates annually.

30. To turn up means to arrive
Example: The guest of honour has not turned up yet.

31. To flare-up means to burst into rage
Example: The accused person flared up when he was taunted.

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