9 Jobs Hiring during Lockdown


Jobs Hiring during Lockdown

During the first wave of the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic also known as the COVID19, there was an obvious difference in the way people responded to the demands and supply of goods and services.

The manner in which people had to go about their regular daily activities took a drastic change as every single person needed to work from home. As a result of the lockdown, offices, schools and different places of work were completely shut.

This revealed the need for different services, creating even more jobs on the internet. Some of these jobs will be outlined in this post, read on.

Jobs are a means of livelihood for people. According to the Merriam Webster English dictionary, a job is simply defined as the work a person does regularly in order to earn some money. The demands for goods and services are an amazing way of creating jobs.

The lockdown paved way for creating job opportunities since people had to stay indoors for a long time. The different needs of people who have been compelled to stay home have forced others who have no other means of earning to get involved in menial jobs.

Some people got laid off and had to find another means of income. For example; a certain flight attendant who had to stay home because there was no one travelling, decided to pick up a job as a delivery guy while waiting for the borders to open up again and in months had to set up his own delivery company somewhere in the United States.

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Jobs Hiring during Lockdown

Reports have it that during the 2019 to 2020 lockdown around the globe, a number of about 1.716 billion school learners were affected and had to stop schooling in their regular learning environments.

This especially points a need for Online tutorials in every field. Schools may need extra human labour to cater to the academic needs of their learners. A number of companies saw the need for new and creative skills since new businesses sprang up.

Examples of Jobs hiring during Lockdown

The unexpected COVID19 pandemic which left millions jobless also created other unconventional job opportunities. Though these have always been in existence but skyrocketed in a matter of weeks. Some of these jobs are;

  1. Writing,
  2. Graphic designing,
  3. Social media marketing,
  4. Delivery companies,
  5. Health care products and service companies,
  6. Medical health personnel,
  7. Customer service and call centres,
  8. Supermarkets,
  9. Home food delivery.


The number of undergraduate and postgraduate students who have to stay home because of the pandemic actually are in search of writers and researchers to pay good money to get their academic works done.

While this may seem impossible to get, there are millions of employers seeking to recruit people on freelance writing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

There is absolutely no time when writers are short of job offers on these platforms. From creative writing to copywriting and academic research works. Writing is a job opportunity that will always be in want of writers.

Graphic designing

The birth of new businesses, websites and blogs have created the need for people to a touch of art to their works. People need designers who will beautify add colours to their thoughts to make it a reality.

Graphic designers these days are one of the most sought after creatives and happen to be well paid because of their rare skill.

Social media marketing

Since a lot of businesses and companies have gone online, business owners are constantly looking out for people who can promote businesses online, engage and cause traffic for their goods and services.


Medical Personnel

The coronavirus gets to spread when a person infected comes in contact with a non-infected person. This has caused governments to set rules and measures asking people to stay home, different health organisations have developed online services to meet the daily medical needs of people in order to avoid physical meeting.

This way, a lot of people go online in search of medical personnel, causing a shortage of doctors and nurses. So, if you’re a medical practitioner and do not work with any health organisation, why not sign up with one of these organisations and get paid for the services you can render.

Customer service/Call centre

These businesses that have gone online, network providers, producers and marketers are in search of people who can attend to the calls and needs of their customers. If you can be smart enough and are good with people relationship and communication, then this job is for you.


Supermarkets and food vendors happen to be the most patronised businesses since they provide daily supplies for people. This alone makes the rush in supermarkets on the rise.

Therefore, going in search of a job as a salesperson or one of the positions in a supermarket around your neighbourhood is absolutely not a bad idea. The supermarkets need hands.

Food delivery

The only things people get to do while indoors is work and eat. New delivery companies have sprung up and are desperately in need of people to send purchased products to consumers. If you can search for any of these companies and have a driver’s licence, a delivery job will certainly earn you good pay.

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In conclusion, even if a number of companies have laid people off, there are a lot of others who need hands to get jobs done and are willing to pay. If starting your own business line or company is something you’re not set to do, you can go online, search for any of these companies and apply. Good luck with the search!

Are there other job opportunities you know we can include in our list of Jobs Hiring during Lockdown?

You can use the comment section and we will include it in our next revision.


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