Make Money Online -8 Ways To Make Money Online From Home


Make Money Online -8 Ways To Make Money Online From Home

Due to the large rate at which scammers have started utilizing online marketing the fear which many possess towards any online related means of income has increased at large. Their fear is justified many fall victim to such scams mainly because they thrust all their efforts towards the wrong angle no one blames them, their zeal to be wealthy pushed them to make rash decisions, but there are more than a thousand ways to monetize the internet as a whole and make money off it.

Write an EBook and market it

It’s possible this never crossed your mind, being a publisher on Amazon can really boost your image, career, as well as account balance all you have to lose, is a lot of spare time.

You can sell your ebooks through the likes of Amazon or AppleiTuness connect, this alone would give you access to a broad majority of the digital-book reading market plus the entry standards are low. A lot of money is not needed to make this function, but a lot of your time would be needed.

Build a blog

This takes a lot of effort and it’s very tedious, the idea of creating a blog with a beneficial readership almost seems like something that resides only in the imagination. But at some point, the tides sway in your favor and it becomes seemingly easy.

One of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria all though it takes a lot of exhaustive measures its paycheque sometimes happens to be mind-blowing all you need to kick start a blog is a minute about of money which would be the payment for the hosting provider.

Create YouTube Videos

One of the most visited platforms in the world is youtube. Most videos there weren’t created by robots and they weren’t just uploaded for fun, you can make a lot of money on youtube by saving your original videos.

Based on estimated statistics and average industrial standards, you are entitled to $1,000 in Adsense the moment your YouTube videos hit around half a million views. if properly calculated you get about $2 per one thousand views (CPM). Well, payments tend to differ based on country, account performance, and type of ads. After knowing all this you should also put in mind that you’ll need to have five thousand subscribers before you can start making money.

Sell photos online

Ever considered selling those jaw-dropping pictures?

If you’re very skilled in using a camera to capture details you can make money by selling them off through sites like Shutter shock, istockphoto which happens to be two of the most prominent photo resources on earth. The likes of adobe stock, Getty Images, Alamy, and few others can be used to market your photos. Much effort is not needed on this one but a whole lot of creativity and precision, as well as zeal, is needed.

Auction on eBay

You can as well auction kinds of stuff on eBay, it has a place bid button, All Auction items are open to bids for a predestined period, once this time elapses the product goes to the highest bidder.

A lot of research is needed in order o prosper in this angle. A lot of money can be acquired on eBay if you become a power seller.

Locating the best eBay sellers on your niche and trail them, this can be helpful.

Write and publish literary works on other sites and platforms.

Publishing stories and articles can make you a money magnet, but first, you will have to invest a lot of time in building creativity and garnering information like; the most visited sites, the sites that are most compatible with what you’ve got in store, and so on as to know where to publish articles. Of cause you can visit sites like, wow, opera mini, scooper, copywriting network, site points, watch culture, are well-paying sites, they pay in dollars.

Create an App

This is quite easier than speculated. The iBuildApp has made creating an app almost effortless, the app maker enables building an app in less than a minute no coding is required. You just need to select a template like everybody else, change the settings to fit your taste, input images and videos to give it that mobile touch, and you’re done.

While planning to invest your most effective resource which is your time you should put in mind that 16 percent of Andriod users carve out $5, 000 dollars per month with their device. All that is needed henceforth should be more of research and brainstorming for ideas.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.

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