How to make Achievable New Year Resolutions 2024


How to make Achievable New Year Resolutions 2024

As the year nears its end, many are burning with zeal and excitement to kick start the new with new personalities and new habits as they intend to leave behind the old habits that have not been profitable. On this note, the need to make new year resolutions arises.

Making a new year resolution is in itself not bad at all it is a good, productive way to set goals and intentions for the new year. Usually, the problem is not that we cannot make resolutions that we can keep but the problem lies in making Achievable resolutions.

It is one thing to make new year resolutions and achieving it is another thing, so how can you make Achievable New Year Resolutions?. This article provides with ways you can make achievable new year resolutions.

What are New Year Resolutions?

A new year’s resolution is a tradition which is very common in the Western and Eastern part of the globe, in which one makes a resolve to zero down on bad habits and continue in the good habits and practices in order to improve their life or achieve a personal goal.

Why do resolutions fail?

Most resolutions fail because they were either based on what the society or people wants us to zero down o and not what we actually want to change about us. Also, many resolutions fail because there were devoid of realistic plan to help us accomplish her resolution

How to Make Achievable New Year Resolutions 2024

1. Avoid making nonspecific resolutions

Most resolutions fail because those who make them are not specific in what they are resolved to do. Let’s take, for example, a person that has resolved to start making savings from his salary. That is a good resolution but it seems unachievable because he or she is not clear or specific on how much he or she wants to save monthly.

So instead of resolving to save every month, why not be specific by resolving to be saving $50 (N20,000) monthly? This has given you a specific target and will also help you carry out a reality check on your progress. Remember that it’s normal to falter along the way, but with determination, you can keep up with your new year’s resolution.

2. Make Smaller Resolutions

Making smaller resolutions puts you up for success in achieving your new year’s resolutions. But how can you make smaller resolutions? You may say: “I want to quit smoking and drinking completely”.

This is a great aspiration. You can agree with me, but this can never be Achievable but rather, you can say, “I want to reduce the number of sticks of cigarettes from five to two and the number of bottles of alcoholic drinks from four to two”, this rather seems achievable. Then look at the commitment level required to keep up with this resolution.

3. Put your goals down in writing

Instead of making an oral resolution, putting them down is more appreciated because it gives you a sense of accountability and helps you stand a better chance of accomplishing your goal. It won’t be out of place to paste it strategically in your room, be it in your bathroom, refrigerator, bedroom, door etc.

This helps remind you of what you resolved to do and will help you achieve it. It also helps you to keep making a sober reflection on your level of commitment and progress.

4. Publicize your resolutions

Making your resolutions known to the public makes you accountable and motivates you to work harder at keeping up with your resolve. You can let close and reliable friends and acquaintances know of your resolutions; it will also go a long way in helping you achieve your resolutions; by chatting with them from time to time about the progress you are making in keeping to your resolutions, you can also charge them with the responsibility of always calling in to check on your level of commitment.

5. Celebrate little progress

As you regularly reassess your progress, if you notice that you are making progress, celebrate and be happy; it will propel and encourage you to do more in achieving your goal instead of completely focusing on the endgame, as it can get you discouraged along the way.

So instead of looking ahead at the achievements, in the end, look at the small progress you are making along the way.

Summary -How to make Achievable New Year Resolutions 2024

We believe that with these few steps in making achievable new year’s resolution, you won’t have a problem setting up achievable goals you intend to accomplish as the new year approaches.

We hope you enjoyed the post on How to make Achievable New Year Resolutions 2021? If you have question of more ways on How to make Achievable New Year Resolutions 2021, you may use the comment section and we will be glad to add your information to the list.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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