5 Examples of an argumentative essay and easy step by step guide


5 Examples of an argumentative essay and Easy step by step guide

During school days, we wrote different kinds of essay. Essay writing was an essential part of the English language. Essays were made to help us understand how to put together sentences to make perfect meaning and also reflect on a particular topic. English was one of the best things in school, simply because people often run away from mathematics, and they loved the aspect of pronouncing words and learning the right pronunciation of words. 

There are so many kinds of essays; today we are looking at an argumentative essay. Argumentative essays are those essays that are used to debate over a topic. Writing argumentative essays those days in 7th grade was so much fun. It helped us put together reasonable arguments filled with good and valid points. 

What is an argumentative essay? 

An argumentative essay can be called a research work simply because, you have to research on valid points, for the position you are taking on the topic. An argumentative essay is a research work that deals on controversial issues, it tries as much as possible to present valid points for arguments. 

Today, there are so many argumentative topics that one can tackle. When taking sides in an argumentative topic, you need to research valid points to make your position worth listening to. When writing argumentative essays, you need real and serious research work, make findings read materials to help you really get valid points to back up your side of the topic. 

How long should a 7th-grade argumentative essay be 

When in seventh grade, we write an essay to express, reflect, discover, develop, record and solve problems. Seventh-grade argumentative essays are always fun to write, at that stage, it was fun to go into debates with your peers, make arguments and provide valid points to support your claim. A seventh-grade argumentative essay should be around 500 to 700 words. 

List of some good argumentative essays 

  • Mothers are better than fathers 
  • Boarding school is better than day school
  • Education should be free for everyone 
  • Private schools are better than boarding school
  • Farmers and teachers 

While in school back then, most of these topics were often debated on, and it was so much fun to write argumentative essays on them. It was always fun debating these topics because, in our little minds we actually reasoned that one of them was actually better, so we were very ready to prove our side of the argument. 

An argumentative essay must have the following 

  • Introduction passage
  • Body 
  • Conclusion 

Example of an argumentative essay 


The introductory aspect of the essay has usually based on the topic giving a brief rundown of the topic and stating your stands. Here you let people know your part in the topic i.e, the part you are defending and your reason for that. 


In this section, you give the reader your views and all your researched and valid points to aid defend your side of the topic. The body of the essay is always used to defend your topic, give the reader no reasons at all to doubt your stands. 


In this section, you give a summary and also conclude your points given in the body. 

Take for example you are to write in public schools are better than private schools, and you are against this. 

You start with the introduction, here you talk about public schools and private schools. Try to educate your reader about the topic. 

After doing this, you enter the body of the essay. In this, you now explain to the reader why you are saying that the above topic is not true. Explain everything with the aid of the points which you have researched on. Give the reader every reason to support your claim. 

After this, you end with the conclusion. Just give the reader a summary help him in a brief statement understand your points. 

In conclusion, having said all this, argumentative essays are always fun to write and it also helps you gain vast knowledge about different field due to the research you will carry out to help back up your claims. If you carry out research work, you will always write good argumentative essays because you have been able to build your knowledge on your topic.


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