Font awesome and 8 steps to use them in CSS, HTML without being an expert


How to use font awesome


When you surf the web, do you notice icons or little images that tells you something, or describes a certain thing, better steel, icons that stands in for something like location, contact etc?

I believe you do. Those things you see are what we know as font awesome. This gives class to your website or mobile application. With it, you can minimise unnecessary writeups on your website. Instead of contact, you can have a contact icon, instead of location, you can have a location icon.

How to use font awesome
How to use font awesome

In the image above taken from Project Writers Nig Ltd website, we can find the circled images, these are font awesome. Hope it is getting clearer now?

Let us take our minds into emoji. We chat a lot on our mobile devices, we make comments and share our feelings. After a while, it was made easy to show emotions and reactions using emojis and stickers. Emojis made our chats and conversations very colourful and interesting. It tried to make our conversations feel as if we are there in person. Emojis beatifies and enlightens our chats. This is what font awesome help do to our websites and mobile applications, it helps display icons and logos to portray things we don’t want to write out in full. 

Imagine trying to add some icons in your site and you start reasoning how to code the icon, or how to download the icons, minimise them and code them into your site. This makes your coding difficult and tedious. Downloading different logos, writing a code with the logo in your site, using CSS to reduce the size of the logo, moving the logo or icon around to fit it in the place you need it. Going through this much stress makes your work more difficult and you will end up having so many lines of codes on your editor which might get you confused, or get mixed up and end up spoiling your work. 

Fontawesome makes it very easy to integrate these icons into your site or webpage. As the name implies font awesome is awesome to use. Give colour and class to your site. Modernised the appearance of contents on your site. Just as we use emojis and stickers to show emotions and feelings, font awesome is used to show direction, indications and icons on websites. 

How to use font awesome 

They are so many icons and symbols on font awesome, you need to be able to identify what you are looking for and where you want to use it. When you can do this, you head into font awesome and get the code for the icon or symbol which you want to use. Before doing this, you need to follow the steps below. 

  • Download the font awesome file from its website 
  • Place the file in the folder which your codes are. 
  • Decide if you want to link the offline file or the online file.
  • If you are using the offline file, get the link for the offline file and integrate it into the head tag of your HTML file.
  • If you are using the online file, get the online link and also integrate it into your head tag. 
  • You can download extensions in your code editor to help use font awesome of your editor supports it. 
  • Identify which icon you need and get the codes for the icon and put into your HTML code
  • Learn how to use the extension which you downloaded to call out icons which you need. 

As time goes by, technology improves and more updates come out to help make our work easier. Coding along the years has been made easier for coders. When you have good grounds in coding, you will be able to use all these frameworks, extensions and plugins to make your work easier. Expanding your knowledge only makes you better in your field, as more technology emerges, you should also make yourself conversant with it, this also helps to boost your cv and resume. Coding with font awesome shows people how vast your knowledge is, it depicts that you are actually growing with technology. 

In conclusion, one can only be better in his field if he is willing to be open to change and not only being open but ready to learn and adapt to. The various changes in his field. If you are a coder, you should be ready to learn new skills or updates in your field and also willing to incorporate other programming languages. 


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