Best Answers to Job Interview Questions -Best ways to describe yourself in 3 words


Best Answers to Job Interview Questions -Best ways to describe yourself in 3 words

90-95 per cent of all job interviews on earth always kick off with this typical question.

“Describe yourself in 3 words?”.

This is so because it is the most effective way to initiate a meaningful conversation and to get relevant information. The question “describe yourself in three words” challenges an individual to delve into his distinctive attributes and voice them out to appraise himself and paint his essence in a light pleasing to everyone- a typical ploy and a yet to be denuded dogma used in acing interviews.

It has remained an enigma as to why interviewers are always emboldened to circumscribe every logical chance of passing an interview by throwing off, well, the populace of mentally different people with “describe yourself”.

Why is this a problem, why do interviewers always require the 3-word self composition?.

Do not fail to put to cognizance that this question has been engineered to put you on a spot.

– the question is asked because the interviewer wants to know the real person sitting across the table and what makes him or her so special.

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They want to hear in a brief statement what you’d be bringing to the party.

Take, for example, someone would want to describe himself or herself as someone enthusiastically endowed, professional and hardworking, that doesn’t really give an in-depth to who the person really is. Everybody is by default enthusiastic,

“hardworking” is a term used to mentally manipulate other people’s perceptions. as effective as it has become the constant use of it has Left the meaning to be doubted. “Professional” has been shared by everyone even the unprofessional ones, the bottom line is none of the above really stresses peculiarity if it requires any consolation, they’re all fads, cliché, and thus not a supposed positive response to provide.

Try opting for the following as a great hook;



– Manipulative.

– resilient.

– Trustworthy.


– a go-getter.


– Good communicator.

– Witty.

– Ambitious.


– Incorrigible.

– Obstinate.

-Commercially incentive.

– Insightful.

– Driven.

– Bossy.

– Compassionate.

– Reliable.

– pliant.

– Influential.

– Elastic.

-Thoughtful etc.

Examples of How to Answer Tactful Devised Questions.

– “I would describe myself as an influential, commercially incentive, and loyal person. The goal of the company is my number 1 priority, I would respect the institute, everything it stands for, and all that it represents.

Character inspection would not be required, I possess enough discipline to put me in line with the code of conduct, and all laid down rules. I would carry out my duties and work very hard to put the company at arms reach to her goals”.

– “I would describe myself as an Ambitious, loyal and self-motivated person; I will exercise reliability and execute every task with razor-sharp focus to perfection.

I would do my job with high standards, I’d promote the name of the company when need be and avail myself when my presence is demanded no matter how many times”.

– “I would describe myself as confident, resourceful, and Honest.

I would dispense all available resources at my disposal for the growth and betterment of this company, I’d stick to all oaths and promises no matter what, under any circumstances. My ledger would be void of all compromises and my interest would have no detour”.

– “Driven, reliable, and focused are what I’d use to describe myself. I Would pay meticulous attention to any new development and provide every and any requirement under legal approval. I would be very open towards achieving company goals”.

– “well I’m flexible, Responsible, and a multi-tasker. All of them are in a way saying the same thing but that’s just how stressed my qualities are.

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I’m indeed versatile at handling more than one task at a time. It’s an everyday experience to juggle two or three tasks at once. I’m hell-bent on promoting the interest of this establishment, my goal is the goal of the company”.

– “I would describe myself as positive, Decisive, and target oriented.

Under intense situations I am more than capable of making hard bargains for interest and life-changing decisions, I understand my purpose in this business and I know full well how to achieve success with the available resources Whether limited or not. I would provide great service and promote a fast-forward march for the development of this business.

It’d be a simple step for me, but a large one for the business”.

–  “a vibrant communicator, confident and organized, those are the highlight of my qualities and what makes me compatible with this business.

I will provide my best in influencing the mindset of customers to root in favor of this establishment, I would do everything within my God-given power to engage patrons. I’d deal with all problems effectively while paying caution to time”.

I hope this has been of great help to you. Let hear your thought in the comment section.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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