Best Booking Sites In Nigeria – Top 10 Cheap Flight Booking Sites in Nigeria 2023


Best Booking Sites In Nigeria – Top 10 Cheap Flight Booking Sites in Nigeria 2023

Are you attempting to reserve a domestic or international flight out of Nigeria? And Are you looking for Nigeria’s top website for booking flights? We’ve already assisted by providing a list of the top ten flight booking websites for Nigerians, so you don’t need to worry about being delayed or scammed…

Booking flights is incredibly simple, especially through a user-friendly website or app. This list of flight booking websites was compiled with the user’s experience in mind because we know you want to book a flight as quickly and easily as possible.

List of Flight Booking Sites in Nigeria


The first agency on our list is Travelwings. They have a working, interactive website. All you need to do is search

They are constantly open for business, and they always have round-trip tickets to popular cities around the globe. The minimum ticket price is 200k, which won’t likely put too much of a strain on the family’s finances.

It’s that time of year again, and imagine yourself relaxing in a place like Dubai over the holidays isn’t just for fun.

For an affordable price of 359k, you can prepare for Dubai for four nights. Travelwings offers vacation packages to locations like the charming island of Sao Tome and Mombasa, the capital of Kenya. The list is available on Travelwings, along with good prices.

Travelwings and hot deals that’s like a state and its capital – inseparable.

Their top flight deals include round-trip tickets with no hassles from Lagos to Dubai, Lagos to Houston, Lagos to Delhi, Lagos to New York, Lagos to Johannesburg, and Lagos to London. Yes, you read that correctly. Travelwings is one of the best providers of airline tickets in Nigeria because of how easily you can transport them.

Your ticket purchase is safe, simple, and exclusive thanks to the Travelwings app, which is accessible on both the Apple and Android platforms.

2. Flight makes it easy to book a flight during the holiday season. It’s a straightforward website that only deals with airline tickets. Nothing else is so complex. What are your thoughts on Jack of all trades?

Well, flights, hotels, and tickets are what is all about. You can select a city, a date of departure, and, of course, how many people you purchase for on that website’s single entry page. With just one click, you can then purchase a real ticket.

Once you have entered all the necessary data, click the blue bar below the page, and presto! Your flight has been planned. One-way, round-trip and multi-city tickets are all available on

What’s a ticket company without deals?

They’re on Flight Agoda and have incredible offers and savings that will make you smile gratefully. While you concentrate on packing for your trip, let them handle the ticket arrangements. has deals for every budget and destination, including 5% off trips to Miami Beach, 10% off trips to Seoul, and 8% off trips to Seattle…

And they aren’t just flattering.

And it deals, and more deals all the way, even though some of them expire in just 2 days! I guess you have to hurry up.

3. Expedia

Yours truly speaks from experience when she says purchasing tickets from Expedia is special. Well, you’d have to discover it for yourself, or as they say around here, “for yourself.”

Like the majority of other ticket sellers, Expedia will procure your tickets, make hotel and travel arrangements, and even throw in transportation, as the name would imply. Expedia is awesome in that way. They offer multi-city, one-way, and roundtrip travel. Multi-everything is a valid phrase.

You can search for nonstop or refundable flights using the website’s search function. If you ask us, this is stretching the benefits of being able to search for your preferred airline, whether it be coach or economy.

Then you could continue by including a hotel and throwing a rental car into the mix. When you book flights on their website, they’ll give you access to 42% off a limited number of hotels, and the savings are valid until the start of your trip.

Additionally, you can save an additional 10% or more on a limited number of hotels when you Join Now on the website. This weekend, you can visit the Grand Canyon to take in the scenic splendour of that arid landscape and the magnificent glory of sunsets that have been formed over millions of years.


You can also rely on Travelstart, a Nigerian airline and ticket provider, for excellent service during the holiday season. They take pride in offering affordable rates for domestic and international travel, sweet deals, hotel bookings, and rental cars across all continents.

You can mix and match different return and departing flights on various airlines, use various payment methods, and even purchase insurance for your visa application.

One of the ticket providers that allows you to subscribe to newsletters is Travestart. They are serious and walk the walk. They have an app available on both the Apple Store and Google Play. They’d even send you a download link if you’re having difficulties getting their app.

Do you need help finding an airline or suggestions for a holiday destination?



What if we told you you could pay for a flight ticket to Dubai on an Emirates airline in instalments?

Yes, you could do that, and the reason is that Wakanow is as authentically Nigerian as they come. By Nigerians, for Nigerians. They offer some of the best Virgin Atlantic airline flight discounts.

You could pay as low as N67,227 for a trip from Lagos to Dubai —paying ‘small small’. We don’t know any other site that can beat this yet. Take our word for it.

They can do much more for you, including booking a hotel on any continent. They would handle everything, including booking, visa help, vacation packages, and airport transfers.

They would assist you in obtaining an international travel sim so you can stay in touch with family and friends back home, a prepaid travel card so you won’t run out of money, and a loyalty program to let you know how much they value your business.

Feel and experience Nigerian hospitality firsthand.


Here is a business that never makes light of itself or its clients. You nearly reverse course while thinking, “No, wait—are they Nigerian?”

The ticket provider Travelbeta is excellent. We want to say they are the best, but let’s hold off for now. Why, then, are we so enthused about them? Visit the website to see and be convinced.

Because they prioritize YOU, the customer, these people are excellent at making travel arrangements. When you first visit the website, a pop-up asks you, “what would make you use Travelbeta more frequently.” For a successful customer relationship, we believe that is the halfway point. Do you not?

Travelbeta offers all the pecks just like the rest, but as everyone knows, every business wants to set itself apart from the crowd.

What qualifies Travelbeta’s staff as a reliable source for flight bookings, then? They accompany you from when your visa is approved until you are relaxing on the beach in Miami, Florida, sipping something refreshing and tangy.

Customer service is their unwritten creed. Like other flight agencies, they provide hot offers, low prices, and hotel reservations. Oh, and they also permit you to make reservations and then pay later, over months, as it suits you.

They let you see all the available flights on their website and the days on which they’d be. Make inquiries at


Presumably, aero contractors, one of Nigeria’s major airlines, is the owner of this business. Given the enormous variety of flying you could do with them, it’s okay because they aren’t just messing around.

From offshore helicopter transportation to domestic and international air travel.

The website lacks a lot of information. Simply register for points and book reservations to get started. What was said regarding the giant who didn’t require an introduction? You now have your giant in-flight movement, I suppose. Just flying with aero seems to be all they have to prove.


We present to you yet another titan in the procurement industry. We are well aware that not everyone is aware that this online store sells more than just women’s shoes, household goods, and mobile phones.

Because of this, our list is not complete until Jumia has been positioned among the other industry heavyweights.

So Jumia also offers the newest washing machine along with airline tickets? Of course, they do. The Jumia travel website is very similar to the one where you buy phones in terms of simplicity; they have hotels, flights, packages, and dream deals.

You can find and compare flights and book and buy your ticket using their app on the google play store alone.

Jumia Travel will provide advice on desirable vacation locations. Jumia suggests Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, and Egypt as destinations in Africa; their experts are available to help you find the best options. They include Atlanta, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, and New York on their list of international locations. The website’s address is


Skyscanner is undoubtedly one of the best airline vendors. They have their office in Edinburgh, UK.

They offer airline services for vacationers from outside of Nigeria visiting the nation and those looking to travel abroad…

You will get a special hotel discount when you book a flight with them. They are the only online retailer to have a map scattered throughout their website because they value visual aids and know that sometimes it can be difficult to decide where you need to go.

The flight, the hotel, and the rental car are all made available to you in advance, so you are aware of most of your itinerary from the outset. And that’s a big help for travellers because you’re ready for the comfort of the trip through your vacation city and jet lag.

The effectiveness of Skyscanner is demonstrated by the availability of all August flight prices from Lagos to New York on the website, which is updated daily.

10. Kissandfly

We had to look past the odd name of kiss and fly to discover that this business encourages expertise and knowledge.

They are fully aware of their mission to inform potential travellers so they can make the best decisions. You’d agree that it’s smart marketing.

All popular destinations on this site are mostly from Abuja, and the figures are usually in American currency.

They take education further by allowing you to view the best airlines and their rankings. The four suggestions for purchasing tickets are especially significant.

They are very beneficial. There is something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned traveller or just getting started.


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