“Children are meant to be protected”— Yomi Fabiyi says princess should be jailed for 10 years.


“CHILDREN ARE MEANT TO BE PROTECTED. And I will insist that PARENTAL NEGLIGENCE is equally punishable under section 30(3) Child Rights Act. It is an imprisonment for ten years!” he said.

Children are meant to be protected”— Yomi Fabiyi says princess should be jailed for 10 years.

A colleague of Olanrewaju James and fellow Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has stressed that the mother of the defiled minor be arraigned in court and detained as well over.

Coming after the concluded trial of Baba Ijesha, his guarded stride to confinement as demanded by the law, Yomi Fabiyi has accused Damilola Adekoya alias comedienne princess for expressing an alarming level of parental negligence; a landing pad for the repeated assault of her ward; an error deserving of 10 years in prison.

He also moved that his colleague be allowed a range for appeal, he penned that the defendant, olanrewaju (baba ijesha) has not been found guilty with “car key” as charged on the count of absence in evidence, but he has been shamefaced for several other chargers banking on sexual assault.

He further stirred that every and any move bothering on sexualizing minors are unacceptable to him, as he is not a fan of such, he, however, stated that if the accused has said he is innocent, he is in a position to appeal and if such attempt falls to the ground he should serve a jail term.

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He wrote;

The DEFENDANT(Baba Ijesha) NOT found guilty of The defilement(rape) with CAR KEY as charged(1&6) for lack of evidence, which he still denied ever committing BUT has been found guilty of few other charges bothering on sexual assault(as seen in the video 2,3,4,5). Any indecent act against children is unacceptable and I have never and will never support such.”

However, if the defendant insists that he is innocent of the other charges. It is within his rights if he chooses to appeal. And if he exhausts all options and the judgment stands, he should serve his term and I hope he will learn his lessons and turn a new leaf.”


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