Baba Ijesha Sentenced to 16years imprisonment over assault of Minor


Omiyinka olanrewaju James alias Baba ijesha stands in the presence of 16 lasting years in solitary confinement for sexually assaulting a minor, his case was presided over by a domestic sexual offense court sitting in Ikeja, Lagos state.

The Nigerian Nollywood actor popularly known as Baba Ijesha was earlier arraigned in court on the 24th of June 2021 after being indicted for sexually defiling a 14-year-old girl, 6 witnesses; including the guardian of the assaulted comedienne Princess, who claimed to have had knowledge of hindsight with regards to the confirmed act were paraded in court—before him, and all six testified in sameness to him being the perpetrator of such grotesque act.

Baba Ijesha Sentenced to 16years imprisonment over assault of Minor

Baba ijesha has been convicted by Judge Oluwatoyin Taiwo, the judge who presided over his case, in a 2 hour judgment for licentious treatment of a child, sexual assault, and attempted assault;  a 6-count charge, an offense that translates to more than 16 years in prison as it flouts “sections 1355, 262, 202, 262, 263 of the Lagos state criminal law 2015” which translates to life imprisonment for the offender

However, in contrast to the unopposable motion that swayed the court against him, the condemned, baba ijesha, denied assaulting the minor and likewise every other allegation leveled against him, he was later found guilty of only two after a live video of his sexual relationship with the minor was played in court.

Baba Ijesha Sentenced to 16 years imprisonment over assault of Minor

Judge oluwatoyin moved that the inability of the prosecutor to prove “beyond reasonable doubt” that the defendant is guilty of all allegations leveled against him has flagged the possible chance of life imprisonment, albeit baba Ijesha has been convicted for two out of the 6 charges and is facing 16 years in prison.

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