10 Examples of Computer output Devices


Examples of Computer OUTPUT DEVICES

In a computer, there are so many components. These components have their function. Some take in information (input), some process the information, some bring out information (output). In all, these components function jointly to make our work easier.

Output device: This is one component of a computing device. This component brings out data after it has been processed. When information is processed, its result or output can be in various forms such as sound, protection, display, etc. Hence, monitor, though the basic example of output devices, is not the only output device.

Output devices are numerous and they vary in structure and function. We will be discussing 10 different output devices and their function.

There are various types of output devices that provide result in various formats as it varies according to their functions.


Output devices include:

1.) Monitor

2.) Printer

3.) Headset/ Headphones

4.) Projectors

5.) Sound card

6.) Speaker

7.) Video card

8.) Plotter

9.) Braille reader

10.) GPS

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1.) Monitor: This is the most common output device. To function, it needs a power supply and a VGA cable. VGA cable is used to connect it to the CPU without which it cannot function. It displays the information given through the keyboard or mouse.

The monitor can be referred to as Video Display Terminal (VDT) or Visual Display Unit (VDU).

The basic function of a monitor is to communicate information to the user. It can be used in in-game centers, government offices, public places, etc.

Types of Monitors

• Monitors come in various types, they are;

• Light Emitting Diodes Monitors (LED)

• DLP Monitors

• Touchscreen Monitor

• Plasma Screen Monitors

• Cathode Ray Tube Monitors (CRT)

• Liquid Crystal Display Monitors (LCD)

• TFT Monitors

• Plasma Screen Monitors

• OLED Monitors (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

2.) Printer: This is an electronic device that gives out data output as a hard copy. This device is used to print either text or images. Granted, Printers have their ports through which they can be connected to the computer but they can also be connected through WIFI or blue tooth.

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Types of Printers

• Home Inkjet Printers

• Multifunction Printers

• Dot Matrix Printers

• Laser Printers

• Solid Ink Printers

• LED Printers

• Business Inkjet Printers

3.) Headphones: When electronic sounds are converted to audio, this device helps to hear this audio without disturbing people. Headphones can be connected to laptops, mobile phones, and computers through their port or Bluetooth.

Types of Headphones

• Over-Ear Headphones

• In-Ear Headphones

• Earbuds

• Bluetooth Headphones

• Closed-Back Headphones

• Open-Back Headphones

• On-Ear Headphones

4.) Projector: This is used to project an image,  graphics to a wall or white screen. It can be connected to the laptop through VGA or HDMI cable.

Types of Projector

• Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

• Digital Light Processing (DLP)

• Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

5.) Sound card: Sound cards work in connection with speakers and headphones. Though not an essential output device, it enhances audio production.

Types of Sound Cards

• On-Board Sound Cards

• USB Sound Cards

• PCMCIA / PC Cardbus

6.) Speakers: Speakers convert electronic signals into sound. Nowadays, speakers are connected through Bluetooth. To hear sounds from a desktop, an external speaker must be connected. In contrast, laptops have inbuilt speakers.

Types of Speakers

• Dynamic

• Subwoofer

• Horn

• Electrostatic

• Planar-Magnetic

7.) Video cards: Just like sound cards enhance audio, video cards enhance the visual content of videos and graphics. When pictures, videos, games, are displayed on the monitor, the video card enhances them. By default, every computer has video card. Nevertheless, an external video card can still be added to boost the speed and quality of the inbuilt video card.

8.) Plotter: This is like a wide-size printer. It helps to print banners, pamphlets, brochures, etc.

9.) Braille reader: Braille reader or braille display helps blind people to read texts. The computer sends output text in a braille format this making it readable for the blind.

10.) GPS: Global Positioning System helps a person to calculate, accurately, the location of any device. GPS can be found in devices like phones, laptops, watches, shoes, vehicles, etc.

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