List of 7 Controllable variables in a Marketing Environment


List of 7 Controllable variables in a Marketing Environment


In business, there are different forces that contribute to the effectiveness of sales, production and relationship between customers. These forces could be responsible for the successful trades that go on within a marketing environment, business, and organization or in a company. Some of these forces are discovered to be either external or internal.

Whether or not a force is external, it is then determined if it is controllable or uncontrollable. When there is an external force that affects the success or failures of a business system, it is concluded to be uncontrollable. When a force is said to be found within, then an organization certainly has a level of influence over it, which makes such a controllable variable.

What are the Controllable variables in a Marketing environment?

There are things that surround or even make up a marketing system. These things contribute largely to the breakthrough in market sales. Producers, marketers and their kinds need to be aware of the happenings in a marketing environment in order to stay on top.

A controllable variable is that variable that can be influenced by a businessman to change the marketing system of a business or organization. The controllable variables vary from the decision making of the businessman, the choice of his products, his marketers, and manner of the packaging of his products, area or place of distribution. A producer or a businessman can take a survey in the market and monitor where most of his consumers are.

This can greatly influence how much sales he makes at the end of every production or distribution. The wants and expectations of his customers are paramount to the successful sales of his products. When there is a high demand in services or products, a producer can also decide whether or not to add to the number of his marketers and suppliers. The following is a list of controllable variables that greatly affect the sales of a business.

List of Controllable Variables

  1. Products
  2. Cost of products
  3. Marketers
  4. Suppliers
  5. Place/distribution location
  6. Promotion of goods
  7. Product packaging


Before a producer ventures into a marketing environment, he must have studied or undertaken a market survey and concluded on what kind of products are on high demand. This is a huge determinant on whether there is a need for a particular product in a certain location.

Cost of products: After a producer must have done a survey and discovered there is a demand for a product or service, he must be careful to not leave a cost so much on the high side, depending also on the area of distribution. The cost of a service or product will determine sales, especially if there are competitors in that marketing environment.


If a producer is aware of how effective it will be to always send out marketers, he can decide when exactly to send them out. Their efforts to take the goods out for sales can be a big win.
Place/distribution location: The location and distribution of a product by a business organization can also be influenced by a producer. This also goes a long way in making for a successful sales period.


The number of suppliers of a product can be controlled by a producer. When suppliers are made available and proportionate to the demands of the goods or services, this can make for good market sales. The suppliers and the activities they carry out to ensure effective sales is totally a controllable variable.


When producers are alert and know exactly when to push for the promotion of goods and services, it creates an awareness and helps consumers to know that there is the availability of a particular good or service, This act is also controllable and can be easily influenced by producers.

Product Packaging:

Since a product is packed before it is sent out to a market or distribution location for sales, it is important that producers pay attention to the appearance of their goods and the qualities of their services. This act has the ability to make a product appealing and desirable to consumers. It is a controllable variable because it is in the hands of a producer to determine what the quality of a product or service contains.


Controllable variables alone can make for the success and growth of a business organization but one cannot ignore the fact that there is the presence of uncontrollable variables which equally have a level of influence in the marketing environment. However, a producer or business organization can utilize their influence over the controllable variables to make large sales in a marketing environment.


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