11 types and examples of Missionary S3x Position easy to try


11 Types and Examples of Missionary S3x Position

Three women came out of the obstetrics;

the one with hair like a pony boasted, `it was the cowgirl position, now we’re having a girl!`

The other whose man`s right hand rounded the radius of her waist and looked like he got the call from church boasted, “It was the missionary position, now we`ll name him Christian!”

But we all knew the gender of the last woman`s baby when she timidly said it was the doggy style- that is if you will consider puppy the new gender.

Apart from the extreme pleasure and effectiveness various sex positions provide, they are not completely locked out from providing more interests or benefits; after all the sex business is all about the soul benefits, and Humor is one great find in such intimate excavation or the naming ceremony at the birth of a new sex style.

Come on, is your funny bone not literally aroused when you read on famous blogs about sex or sex education, whichever one? I am speaking the irony or sarcasm in `missionary position`- how holy but dirty; such metonymy, the oxymoron in `cowgirl` or is it something about the doggy that sends you on all fours and makes you moan instead of bark- just how creative.

This article will address the missionary s3x position, its types and advantages it holds over others.

The missionary s3x position is just that moment of dull action and not usually stimulating. The Missionary s3x position is more than just lying down as a woman. It is more than just feeling stuffed in between her ‘sausaged’ laps. As a man, if you do it right; It goes beyond that old-fashioned position implying no rhythm and no Beauty; don’t be the `freak in the sheets` as author and blogger Jessica Migala would describe.

Sex which should show the confidence in freedom now turns pale; she`s on a call with her boss at the office, fixing his schedules or maybe asking you loud questions as to why there is a stain in the ceiling, or even worse she might be painting her nails right under you; whereas you are on top riding, playing peekaboo- counting the number of times you have avoided her expressionless stare, unbelievable! What have you been doing? I bet you’ll hate to know she’s thinking about that your friend she met at the movies.

As seen above, it is very easy to write-off missionary sex but ooh! boy I tell you, it can be hot- very hot. Think about the skin-to-skin contact, the eye contact, the closeup scent of his freshly worn Tom Ford or her Victoria secret fragrance and the stimulating moans just close to your ear. This vintage sex position should not be taken off the sex menu but its basic nature provides a chance for modification.

But hey! Hold your horses, do you know what this position looks like? Don’t worry, you are already a pro so long as you’ve had sex before. You don’t need a degree here.

The Missionary s3x position describes the one doing the thrusting to be on top and the receiver underneath, I mean anyone with what looks like a penis goes on top. Hmmmm, well the woman on top can still be a missionary style if she is the one thrusting.

Most men find this enjoyable as her engine tends to tighten while thrusting; while the one thrusting moves her hips and waist just like the driver on the steering driving to her destination. This will enable the sp3rm cells to travel so far which enables the “Y” chromosome to have higher chances. This is recommended if you need a male child. But if going for a female child, you might need another position that might not be deep.

Before we further into the topic on Missionary S3x Position, please select an option:

  • Are you ready to be blown away by passionate luv making styles? Or
  • Are you an evangelist for the good`ol religion? What did you say? Can`t hear you. C`mon, you must admit, it`s a good pun (porn). Whoo! Nailed it! Again!

If you opt for the second one and haven’t been getting the most pleasure from it the following advice from notable sex therapists should help give you the best experience from it:

  • Foreplay: what Caroline Shannon-Karasik will prefer to be described as `erotic play` because as she says “foreplay promotes the separation of eroticism from the main event when, in reality, it’s all sex- as long as you’re feeling pleasure“. It will be wise and long-term engaging to stimulate your partner and not digging into the main course. Warm-up with some snacks- no I don’t mean actual snack, well, you can snack on your partner, but some actual stimulation is needed. It’s time to be that handyman, use your fingers for a fore vaginal penetration or as I said, snack on your partner- try some oral s3x. It is very important she secretes those hormones to extend that activity.
  • Go Treasure hunting: the clitoris is not the only erogenous object in the female body; don’t just go clit(cliff) diving into that salty river, explore your other options. Dr. Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist and sexologist and also the director at `The Intimacy Institute, Colorado,says “the whole body has erogenous potential“. These zones have the potential to create sexual arguably when touched and these spots vary in intensity across different persons.

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Now your question is:

Where are these erogenous spots located?

  1. The mouth and lips: you ever wondered why a good lipstick feels good? There you have it. Alternate between soft, sensual kisses and deep passionate make out, Gloria Brame, Ph.D., advices.
  2. The Stomach and belly button: Dr. Skyler describes this as an area of vulnerability alongside other sites where she says “something about that vulnerability seems to connect with arousal for people“.
  3. The Cheeks and Forehead: forehead kisses which can be quickly dismissed as vintage, can ignite that passion from care and soft caresses on the very sensitive cheeks could be a major turn-on.
  4. The Inner Thighs: think of it as lime with sweeter inner tastes- the electric it sends up the body of who feels it can be likened to, teasing your woman by soft sensual kisses up her inner thighs and up to her honeycomb- the vulva (don`t worry there are no bees in this honeycomb).
  5. The Neck: this entire area is a hotspot for a slow and gentle caress. Rough biting works with stimulating other areas too as her vulva with your p3nis or finger(s), don’t just bite the beauty you freakn` beast!
  6. The Feet: while this is a major turn-on to some, it could be a turn-off to others as erogenous sorts differ, but don’t lose the objective while sucking those toes- to arouse your partner.
  7. The Back: “ for there to be space for arousal for a woman, she has to feel relaxed…“ Dr Skyler says. How do you feel at that massage parlour with the oils and fingers tracing your pores? A sensual back massage can help to this effect especially the space between the low back and the butt- those areas with your but dimples look sexy, try em out!
  8. The Nipples: sucking at the Nipples at different pressures can be very arousing at the very sensitive nipples. So many women get aroused from that feeling of a wet tongue, with their nipples pressured up in-between those lips. It feels great, just lessen up on the pressure.
  9. The Vulva: this is the outer part of the vagina and is very sensitive. Could be aroused with anything having soft bristles, a sex toy, tongue, finger, or even the penis, making slow gestures right on top of it.
  10. The Clitoris: as you already know, this is the most sensitive part of the body and it combines the total effect of the aforementioned in one- the G-Spot. Hitting that spot by initial soft teasing and rhythmic thrusting sets her ablaze moaning from intense passion providing a good orgasm. You can start by soft thrusting then gradually climbing to the rhythm of your combined pulses.
  • Create a rhythm: rhythms not only have to do with plunging movements, but it also goes further into breathing- inhales and exhales, extending into exchanges. Unless you are in for a quickie and a quick orgasm which may never come, achieving climax is a sensation that builds up over time and with creativity. To savour such moment, with no objective towards the perfect orgasm but for that purpose of enjoyment, you can adopt the tantric sex method which is all about connection- take in your partner`s exhale as this helps to increase blood flow and circulation to the pelvic area hence stepping up your pleasure. Sex and relationship experts go along to say that hip movements in circular rhythms instead of just the automated up and down movements, can be pleasurable too.
  • Know your Angles: Pillows come in handy in this wise; where for deeper penetration, placing a pillow under props your pelvis upwards hence making your partner thrust downward and deeply. For extra stimulation of the clitoris adopt the CAT (coital alignment technique), where your partner applies more penetrating pressure as he moves up your shoulders. This method improves on stimulation on the pelvis and provides for a longer duration of fun without orgasm.
  • Use your vibrators
  • Be inventive.

Now, to our main course on missionary s3x position, this is getting interesting and though you are not in church, the topic allows for some “ride on preacher” encouragement.

Types Of Missionary S3x Position

  1. Electric Ladyland: this missionary s3x position employs the professional services of the vibrator to get that clit stimulation you crave. Some vibrators have provisions for partners with penis- they serve two functions of stimulating both clit and penis by their vibrations.
  2. Reverse Missionary: this is not one of those gender equality fights or a show of feminism because the female partner gets on top the male as this can be a protest against domination; instead make it a role reversal missionary, where you hold yourself up with your elbows or hands, with your legs in between your partner`s, hit at that angle as you wish. This position can be very pleasurable.
  3. JackKnife: recall from the how stimulating the laps can be? With one leg up and the other placed in parallel down with your partner in-between, his thrusts concentrate doubly on your laps and vulva,whereas you can move your hips to rub against his pubic bone while astride.
  4. Slo-Mo Missionary: this missionary s3x position is concerned with your speed, and reducing your thrusting speed in the missionary sex position can drive her swelling with pleasure and ecstasy. Such pleasure starts from the desire of a slow penetration- that moment the tip of the penis separates those vagina walls, the slow slide-in, to when he is all in and then out again. But don’t lie just there as an object in one `the flash` series, where time is pauses and you can’t move but Mr. Flash, add some stimulation- stroke his balls, add some pressure to his butt if you can reach those slow turbos, or hold his face in your hands and show him your moaning face.
  5. X Spot Missionary: this missionary s3x position concentrates the feeling on penetration. It gets its name from the partner`s position under; a with arms and legs astride forming an X, the partner above makes contact with your groin mostly. You or your partner is allowed to stimulate your clit. Kiss your partner passionately if you must and you are also allowed to employ the slo-mo as above- this only creates that sensual effort, and while you’re in the heat of delicate passion, remember to keep your eyes open and stare into each other’s soul- coffee is drunk boldly with the eyes open!
  6. Wet and Slippery: this is mainly lubing up with oils and fragranced others; efforts to reduce surface friction to a minimum. Arousal come in seeing your `knight in bright and shiny armor` and for you passionate knight, you can’t resist the seductive skin of Snow White. Make sure to spread thick towels or waterproof blankets not just for the slippery lubes, but things get messier when she is in cloud nine(9).
  7. Dirty Dangle: This missionary s3x position is very ideal for flattop or kitchen sex- only remember to put out the knives first, the cliche is ` i would die for love` not ` I would die making love`. This shows the receiving partner on a deck- the height up your partner`s waist, with legs flung open, while he stands and plunges you from between your legs. The partner standing has a galore of options; options are to stimulate your outer clit with his fingers while he plunges, or to stimulate your breasts with lips or fingers whichever goes.
  8. Prop-up: this missionary s3x position comes as an aid to the penetrating partner. Prop a pillow under your butt to raise those hips to a comfortable and higher angle. The laws of gravity will support you on this one, the penis always goes deeper to a landing.
  9. Side Winder: this is a precautionary missionary s3x position if your partner with the penis is monstrously endowed- nar`mean; where if direct penetration was possible, you both will be worlds apart from each other. In such scenario, have him spin 45 degrees for your own safety, your bodies should make an X while he enters you still in wholeness from that angle.
  10. Weight of Pleasure: got its name from the cliche `carry the weight of the world on your shoulders`. This pictures your man with your legs up his shoulders and you in front – watching, staring, admiring how hot and sexy he looks while entering you. This position provides leverage to go deeper for the most erotic feeling.
  11. Locked Entry: in this missionary s3x position, you keep your legs straight and closed after penetration, enhancing his every stroke especially if he`s not endowed; it helps him remain in without falling out and recurring inputs.

These are some of the best types of missionary s3x positions, promising of extreme satisfaction if that is the goal. Now you know all these, you can turn from saying the missionary position doesn’t make room for improvision; at least now you see that there’s always that chance to be inventive with pleasure. Have fun `red riding hood`.

Now your turn:

What other Missionary s3x position do you know and what makes it unique? use the comment section to respond.


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