Cost Of Living In Owerri, Imo State, Price of  Food, Rent, Transportation, Etc


Cost Of Living In Owerri, Imo State, Price of  Food, Rent, Transportation, Etc

Owerri serves as the capital of Imo State in Nigeria and is located at the heart of Igboland. It is the state’s largest urban centre, followed by Orlu, Okigwe, and Ohaji/Egbema. Owerri boasts several features, such as shopping centres, hotels, parks, and various other amenities, that collectively contribute to its appeal as a desirable place of residence.

The cost of living in Owerri is remarkably reasonable. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of market prices for various items, the expenses associated with renting houses and shops, and other pertinent details.


Lunch Menu$3.33
Dinner in a Restaurant for 2$7.72
Fast food meal, equiv. McDonald’s$4.9
Beer in a Pub, 0.5 L or 16 fl oz$1.03
Pepsi / Coke$0.25

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1 bedroom apartment in city Center$310
Cheap 1 bedroom apartment$815
3 bedroom apartment in city Center$1147
Cheap 3 bedroom apartment$372
Utility Bill one person$14.9
Utility Bill for a Family$22.5
Internet plan$20.4
Mortgage Interest Rate for 20 Years18.34%
Apartment price to Buy in city Center$465
House price to Buy in Suburbs$522

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Local transport ticket$0.28
Monthly ticket for local transport$5.45
Taxi Ride$5.45
Gas / Petrol, 1 L$0.31

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 Toothpaste, 1 tube$0.56
Toilet paper, 4 rolls$0.55
 Hair Shampoo$1.69
Cold medicince$2.04
 Cigarette pack$0.91
Beer, 0.5 L$0.64
Wine (mid-priced), 750 mL bottle$2.33
 Coca-Cola / Pepsi, 2 L$0.51
Water, 1 L$0.34
Onion, 1 kg$0.52
 Potato, 1 kg$0.93
Tomato, 1 kg$0.64
 Oranges, 1 kg$1.08
Banana, 1 kg$1.49
Apples, 1 kg$2.6
Round Steak, 1 kg$2.06
 Round Steak, 1 k$1.54
Chicken Breast, 1 kg$4.64
Cheese, 1 kg$4.64
 Eggs, x12$1.5
Rice, 1 kg$2.23
Milk, 1 L$1.93

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Childcare prices

Daycare or Preschool, 1 month$194
 International Primary School, 1 year$1471


Gym Membership, 1 month$18.1
Cinema Ticket, 1 person$5.16
Doctor’s visit$19
Haircut, simple$1.6
Brand Jeans$11.5
Brand Sneakers$37.5


Owerri provides cost-effectiveness for everyone. The presented numbers reflect the expenses associated with items in Owerri. If there are any changes to the indicated prices, please document them in the comment section.

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