Depression, meaning, types and symptoms


Depression, meaning, types and symptoms

In life, we face different kinds of challenges, and these challenges bring out the best in us or some of them always drag us down. Life puts us in different situations that leave us thinking and doubting ourselves.

Most people always come out of such situations strong, while most people don’t. Some people are left depressed and thinking of giving up in life. When depression kicks in, we start to have serious doubts on our self and every other thing seams useless and most times we give up in life and actually want out.

How do we know when we are feeling depressed or someone is actually feeling depressed? First, we need to understand depression and how to identify depression when it kicks in. 

What is depression?

According to the English dictionary, depression is defined as a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activities. 

Depression is also known as a group of conditions associated with the elevation or lowering of someone’s mood according to medical experts. 

When we go through life, its a very common thing to feel down in life because of the different hardships life throws at us. It is very common in human life to feel let down and discouraged, but we often pick ourselves up and still strive to move forward.

Doing these troubling times, when such emotions like, helplessness, hopelessness or despair takes hold of the human mind, and it fills very difficult to get loose of such emotions, you might be feeling depressed. Depression brings in the feeling of not having any worth in life, it gives you that filling that you are hopeless and worthless, make you feel not wanted or important to yourself and any other person. 

Many describe depression in so many ways, some say depression is like a black hole, some say its like having this feeling of impending doom, emptiness, hopelessness, lifeless, worthless and many other expressions. People react to depression differently, men often fill angry and restless.

When depression is left untreated, it leads to a very serious medical condition. No matter how depressed you feel, it can always be treated. Depression can always lead to suicidal thoughts if left untreated. 

Symptoms of depression

They are some signs and symptoms which you should look out for to help identify when someone is feeling depressed. 

  • Change in Appetite or weight looking out for a change in weight of more than 5% in a month without workouts or any form of exercise. Losing the ability to eat anything or actually using food as a form of comfort. That is overeating to try to give him or her self comfort. 
  • Sleep disorder waking up very early or oversleeping is also a sign to look out for. Someone that is depressed will either find it very difficult to sleep or will oversleep at the slight chance he gets. 
  • Filling helpless and hopeless, always having that feeling that nothing can ever get better, and having thoughts of nothing good will come your way, this is a big signs of depression. 
  • No interest in daily activities when depressed, you always lose interest in activities you normally carry out doing the day. You lose interest in all your hubbies, even lose interest in sex, nothing brings you joy anymore. 
  • Concentration problem When depressed, you cannot concentrate any more because you fill nothing is important again. 
  • Anger issues at this point; everything seems to irritate you or get you angry. 

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Types of depression and symptoms

They are different types of depression, and they are listed below. 

Clinical Depression is a mental disorder characterised by a persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities. 


It is medically diagnosed by a professional 

Persistent depressive disorder 

This is a mild but long-term depression. It is described as a low mood occurring for at least two years. 


Needs medical diagnosis

Symptoms may also include high energy, reduction in sleep and loss of touch with reality. 

Postnatal depression 

This type of depression occurs after childbirth, those with this kind of depression runs a very high risk of developing major depression in the future. 


Symptoms might include insomnia, loss of appetite and interest in daily activities and difficulties bonding with the baby. 

In conclusion, we need to pay close attention to our loved ones watch out for signs and symptoms of depression, most people suffering from depression don’t normally speak out but wallow in the sorrows. When we feel any signs of depression, we should never hesitate to speak with people. Depression can lead to suicide. 


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