Discrimination Example – Meaning, Impacts, Types, 5 Examples Of Discrimination


Discrimination Example – Meaning, Impacts, Types, 5 Examples Of Discrimination

Discrimination is an extensive problem that impacts individuals and communities globally. It affects various aspects of life and can be observed in many ways. To tackle discrimination, it is essential to comprehend how it appears, its consequences, and why promoting equality and inclusivity is crucial.

What Is Discrimination?

Discrimination refers to the unjust or biased treatment of individuals or groups based on characteristics such as their age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. It happens when a person is deprived of their legal and human rights on an unequal basis with others due to an unwarranted distinction made in treatment, policy, or law.

Discrimination occurs when seemingly impartial regulations, criteria or prerequisites have an unequal effect on individuals recognized by the Code.

Impacts Of Discrimination

Anxiety And Depression

Discrimination can contribute to anxiety and depression through various mechanisms. When individuals face discrimination, it can evoke a sense of isolation, powerlessness, and invalidation. The experience of discrimination often generates emotions of shame, anger, and frustration, which can be challenging to cope with and regulate.

These emotional responses are especially detrimental for individuals grappling with mental health conditions, as social support is vital in preserving their well-being.


Discrimination can result in disempowerment as it undermines individuals’ sense of worth and respect in society. It can engender feelings of powerlessness as individuals perceive a lack of control over their circumstances and personal lives.

Moreover, discrimination can instil a sense of inferiority or inadequacy, gradually eroding an individual’s self-esteem and self-assurance. Consequently, expressing oneself or standing up for one’s rights becomes challenging, reinforcing the perception of powerlessness.

Lack Of Self-worth

Experiencing discrimination can result in the internalization of negative attitudes and beliefs, leading to emotions of shame, inadequacy, and self-doubt.

Continuous exposure to messages that devalue individuals based on race or ethnicity can instil a belief that they have an inherent flaw. Consequently, feelings of inferiority and self-doubt may arise, gradually eroding their self-esteem.


When employers engage in discriminatory practices against specific groups, they may exhibit a reduced inclination to hire individuals from those groups. Consequently, qualified candidates face exclusion from job opportunities, resulting in unemployment.

When an employee experiences discrimination or harassment, they may opt to resign from their position or could be terminated as a direct consequence of the discriminatory treatment. This, too, can ultimately lead to unemployment.

 Social Fragmentation

Discrimination against specific groups can engender a sense of exclusion from society among those affected. Consequently, feelings of isolation, resentment, and distrust towards other groups may arise. Furthermore, discrimination contributes to the emergence of social inequalities, intensifying tensions between different groups within society.

Types Of Discrimination

Direct Discrimination

Direct discrimination is when an individual is treated unfairly because of a specific trait they possess, such as race, gender, age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. This type of discrimination is obvious when someone is singled out and directly targeted based on these characteristics, causing them to be treated unequally in different areas of their life.

Indirect Discrimination

Indirect discrimination is when a policy, practice, or rule that seems impartial at first glance affects individuals with specific protected characteristics more negatively than others.

Unlike direct discrimination, indirect discrimination is not based on obvious or deliberate differential treatment but on the unintentional outcomes of seemingly impartial actions or requirements.

Indirect discrimination can happen when a condition or provision is applied across the board, but it puts people with certain characteristics at a disadvantage compared to others.


Harassment refers to a particular form of discriminatory behaviour that consists of unwelcome and offensive conduct or actions directed towards an individual or group. This behaviour is considered an expression or manifestation of discrimination because it is aimed at individuals based on their protected characteristics. Harassment creates a hostile or intimidating environment for the recipient, which can undermine their dignity and rights.


In the realm of discrimination and harassment, victimization denotes the mistreatment or negative treatment of an individual due to their complaint, objection, or involvement in activities related to discrimination or harassment. It occurs when an individual is subjected to damaging actions, vengeance, or discriminatory treatment in retaliation for their efforts to confront or oppose discriminatory practices.

Discrimination Examples

  1. Scholarships being withheld from students based on their race and religion.
  2. Jokes that are intended to insult or mock a specific individual.
  3. To decline to support a handicapped shoemaker.
  4. Offering substandard products or services to an individual because of their ethnic background.
  5. Discriminating against a group of individuals in the workplace based on their attributes.


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