Etiquette – Some Rules Every Individual Needs To Know.


Etiquette – Some Rules Every Individual Needs To Know.

These social norms are moderately easy to follow so far you endeavor to give it a try. But first, you may want to let out that bothering question that has been giving you sleepless nights.

Why is it essential to follow such etiquettes?

It is important to know that the contemporary etiquette rules attract a lot of respect.

While hosting guests

-Hosting people in your abode is one way to build a strong relationship, you can start mingling with them after you’ve inquired if any needs a trip to the bathroom.

-Be sure to serve them food at least something or anything edible when doing so keep it at arm’s reach. Whoever they are, hold them with high regard.

-Before vacating from their presence to attend to someone or something elsewhere indicate by taking an excuse many might interpret an abrupt departure as a signal to leave.

While eating

-It’s improper to talk with a mouthful, whatever information needed to be transferred so far it doesn’t involve life and death such information should wait.

-Chewing loudly as well as chewing with an open mouth is irritable, it’ll lower people’s opinion about you, nobody wants to see crumbs of chewed-up food fall from your mouth.

-Supposedly you are the one to serve, ask be sure to do a headcount of people present before serving. So as not to serve ghost members.

-While taking a cup of coffee you are expected to place your finger in the middle of the handle for a firmer grip, it would serve you no purpose if you spill over your coffee.

-Use the appropriate cutlery for the appropriate food, of all the weird things that have happened in life the most absurd of them all is seeing someone eat rice with a fork, or eat yam with a spoon.

-You stand when answering questions in class or waiting to board a bus not while eating, avoid that at all cost, it has health complications.


-Never makeup in a Public bathroom, I mean anywhere that isn’t your home even if it’s a friend’s place never!.

-When wearing a laced shoe, be sure to tie it before walking unless you’ll want to engage the floor headfirst.

-As a guy avoid saggy trousers, although there is nothing really wrong with that but community standards for some unknown reason see’s such as a moral offense, always wear a belt if needed.

  • Never forget to zip up, nobody wants to see the color of your boxers.

-Wear clothes that fit the current weather, you might be dragged to an asylum if seen wearing a thick cardigan on a sunny day, it may appeal to your fashion sense but many might see you as someone mentally unstable.

  • Avoid wearing conflicting colored attires, there are many cases of fashion disasters but that’s a genocide.

In the office.

-Your office desk is not a make-up storage compartment, do not make up in the office. it’s inappropriate to place your hat or bag on the desk during work hours.

-As a lady, Your legs shouldn’t be crossed if you are mounted on a low chair, instead your knees should be put together.

-Always arrive before your boss, or at least before opening hours especially if you work in a place you are most needed.

-Snoozing is only meant for an alarm clock, you shouldn’t sleep during work hours.

-Never show up to work looking unkempt or improperly dressed, if there is a dressing pattern always adhere to such no one likes a deviant.

Mode of communication

-Slinging big words only help when addressing someone with a foremost knowledge of English. It is essential to use the most common language the key to communicating is being understood. Remember the only way to communicate with a dog is by barking.

-Avoid stuttering, It shows uncertainty.

-Only talk when addressed, especially when in an open environment within a crowd,  when contributing to a question or statement that’s open for public opinion, be sure to keep your words mild, simple, and straightforward, nobody likes a showoff.

-When striking a bargain that involves money, be sure your empty hands are visible, it shows you’re trustworthy.

In a restaurant

-Chewing loudly should be forbidden, it’s not a rule made by any governing institute, but for the benefit of your reputation, you should follow such.

-Be sure to make appropriate use of the napkins, it’s sometimes not just there for decorations.

-As a lady, if you still need to put on some makeup, do it in the bathroom. the content of your purse shouldn’t be relayed to public view, that’s also a part of your life that deserves to remain private.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.

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