Attract any lady -5 ways to get a girl’s attention


How to attract any lady

We’ve all been there. Where some say it’s a compulsory phase and had it simple, some say it can be totally avoided- all respect to the celibate.

Getting that girl`s attention can be as challenging as convincing a 4yr old that if you duelled with his dad, you’d win.

First, you battle with self-confidence; times for self-assessment where you question how loyal your mirror was before now, or blame the rebellious bristles of your toothbrush for not teaming up to remove evidence of how you murdered that broccoli at lunch. Although the more sophisticated a man is, the more complicated is his type of woman.

Well, we’re here to get you on a boat with your dream girl then the rest is up to you, just pay close attention to the following guidelines so you don’t drown jack, and Rose lives to love another.

In a survey, ladies were asked what convinces them to give the guys chances at them and not make them feel stupid, it should thrill you to know that they answered after the universe`s program- laws of attraction you may say, they listed the same things and it sounded like the interviewed population was after one man. We just have to follow these rules:

  • Have a good sense of humour and make polite jokes:

Women love to laugh- the excitement and freedom of expression come first through voice and laughter, besides this settles the question of why they had to be formed from a rib, why not a collar bone? Or a femur? What about the nasal bones which should explain the necessities of breath and existence.

Asides being placed in the care of man, it’s a metaphor that the ribs crack during laughter and having more ribs than man suggests the need for heavy dampening. But there are rules to making a woman laugh, there’ll be no need memorizing every joke said on TV, in fact, that will be an unforgivable awkward moment.

Also, you don’t have to spend every second making joke- even comedians get serious when counting their pay, be serious with your lady boy!

When you go fishing, you gotta be timely at throwing in your fishing line and hook- be alert as to when the fishes come around, there’s your moment. Don’t go throwing in that line spontaneously with no consciousness, you might lose an ear.

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    • First, don’t wait for her to laugh at your joke and don’t inform her it was a joke- you’d be the new joke if you did. Compose yourself and your jokes, make them quick, witty and intentional, then leave her the choice to laugh at your attempts to impress her. It’ll be better to not expect a guffaw from her, a little chuckle would be safer to expect, so you don’t feel the need to make a better joke and make her feel unsafe with your determination to amuse. Women can smell obsession layered beneath a number of cologne fragrances.
    • It’ll be better to go prepared. Changing your movie collection for a number of comedy classics will be worth the sacrifice. Point is not to memorize these jokes rather to study the timing and delivery.
    • Best jokes are jokes told of actual situations. An example is replying a question of `how are you?` with “well, I’m breathing`, not the sturdy “I`m fine response“.
    • It’s okay to want to impress her and make her feel she tickles you and you guys are compatible, after all, that’s the point. But don’t look stupid! Avoid fake laughter, giving a smile sounds polite enough, please don’t be extreme.
    • Making polite jokes means you shouldn’t make her feel less of herself with your jokes. Tease her sparingly. If you’re to make fun of anyone, make fun of yourself. It makes her feel you are comfortable in your skin and speaks loads of confidence.

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  • Courtesy and Manners:

Being a gentleman goes beyond pulling out a seat for her at the table and waiting till she’s seated or holding the car door open till she’s in, or even caring with you an extra jacket in case the weather convinces her to go home with you; being courteous is being sensitive to the minutest detail and demonstrating respect to her and everyone around- trust me, she’s observant.

  • Stay in Shape:

Just as guys prefer ladies with a time glass figure, ladies too prefer men who don’t look like 14 yr old boys. Staying in shape doesn’t mean you should look like a pile of hard rocks; while most women love rough frames, the majority go for the toned guys- moderate representation of a man`s chest, abs, biceps etc. Don’t go looking like you’ve geared up to bust out the relationship anytime soon without her consent. Don’t even look like you could take off a skirt through your heard if you wore a skirt- you’re a man for date`s sakes! Start an exercise routine at the gym.

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  • Your dressing counts:

Women are very particular about this; you will get a talking chance to approach her first if you don’t look like she a warning that she will be mugged or if you don’t come dressing as her father- the man might even have more style than you. Put effort into your dressing and smell. Don’t look like an orange with a decayed smell.

Dress with the perfect colour combination and seek advice in matching colours, patterns and clothes sizes, you don’t want anyone stepping on your extra yards of trouser material as you walk with her, yes man-bride! A man`s car is part of his dressing so are his shoes, and these are the objects she notices first.

  • Groom yourself:

Yea, you gotta trim those nails, and them beards to- you are not about to drag her into your abode in the forest or are you? Believe it or not Your haircut speaks your character- responsible, free-spirited, bold, wild, dictator, etc. study your lady and know her level of fierceness.

  • Confidence:

This is a major turn-on for girls, be intentional about your actions and discussions. Girls mostly spend time wondering where a guy gets the courage to approach them and goes straight to his intentions but don’t be cocky.

There is so much more than the beauteous embodiment of complication would have you do and a few buttons to press like establishing physical contact, but this is left for you to explore. Go and don’t get dumped!

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


  1. Lol. This is nice. For me, it’s about just being yourself. Lool. No pretense. Just do you from the onset, open up, don’t hide things from me.


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