European Union condemns FGN ban on twitter -The European Union in collaboration with a host of other entities condemns the FGN ban on twitter


European Union condemns FGN ban on Twitter -The European Union in collaboration with a host of other entities condemns the FGN ban on Twitter

Earlier, as proposed the Government of the federal republic of Nigeria took an effect on the given directive that demanded the immediate suspension of twitter national wide, and as a cause-effect, the move has in fact partly crippled the flow of information and communication caused a series of rancor joined by online agitation as it has Indeed brought about great inconvenience

While sitting on the self-declared righteous path, the government in order to facade some ulterior malignant imposable will, pat themselves on the back while publicly expressing that the need to lapse the microblogging social platform in the country is a positive yet needful strategy to promote oneness as the deviants from patriotism are using such platform to propagate unrest, the minister of information relayed such days back further adding that the removal of the president’s tweet has already created an idea that Twitter is backing insurrection.

They might have recorded this down in books as a positive move but many people, as well as entities, did not share similar ideologies in respect to what their definition of positive is. The European union accompanied by a host of other countries the likes of Canada, The Republic of Ireland, the UK, Norway, and the USA in a joint statement released in which their strong opposition towards the earlier made directives was detailed.

The display of oneness in thought by the European countries for the behoove of those yearning to trade information has kicked against the suspension of Twitter saying it is an infringement on the fundamental human right that covers both offline and online activities.

“We Conveys our disappointment over the government of Nigeria’s announcement suspending #twitter and proposing registration requirements for other social media

” We strongly support the fundamental human right of freedom and access to information as a pillar of democracy in Nigeria as around the world and these right apply online as well as offline.

“Banning systems of expression is not the answer. These measures inhibit access to information and communication at the precise moment when Nigeria needs to foster inclusive dialogue and expression of opinions, as well as share vital information in this time of covid 19 pandemic.

” the part to secure Nigeria lies in more, not less, communication to accompany the concerted efforts pf Nigeria’s citizen in fulsome dialogue toward unity, peace, and prosperity, as partners, we stand ready to assist in achieving these goals.”


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