Cheap VPN for browsing -5 Cheap VPN to access any website from Nigeria including twitter


Cheap VPN for browsing -Cheap VPN to access any website from Nigeria including Twitter

As we try to proceed with our daily lives trying to ignore the infringing thought that must have come with a host of questions probably challenging you as to why your access to various websites has occasionally been denied.

Along with the wave of drama comes the Twitter saga, it’s not new to any Nigerian that the recently issued directive has made Twitter become an unknown background with many social addicts still trying as much as possible to climb back on the platform, but truth be told all efforts to make your presence known once more on the microblogging platform would be anything but successful and why is that,?

Away from the bluebird logo comes the 1’s and 0’s the Ip addresses and the digital footprints. If a thing is imposed by the telecom district it certainly covers a particular jurisdiction, if whatever installment made is positive all inhabitants would be affected, and If it is not same goes. The only possible way to get back on the bluebird platform is with the use of a VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an acronym that stands for virtual private network and it plays a most vital role in guiding the likes of Anonymous past the prying eyes of cyber protocols while creating a rigid cyber connection that can help a caveman connect with civilization and how does it do that?

When a VPN is switched on, it creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a server operated by the VPN company. Your web traffic travels through this tunnel, protecting it from the watchful eyes of your ISP and many other potential attackers that might be squatting close to the Wi-Fi network. VPNs also hide your IP address making it exceedingly difficult for you to be tracked and just like that you become a cyber ghost.

With all these said comes the most tricky part in which a life-changing decision has to be made, What Type of VPN should I opt for?.

They are series of categories to choose from there is the Paid ones and the free ones.

Is there a difference between paid and free?

Of course, there is an outstanding difference between the two, one is a money vampire while the other has limited services, but after a series of brain work and sleepless night inspired by ceaseless internet surfing here is the list of some VPNs both paid and free that users swear by, they won’t leave a scratch on your bank account and yes, they provide services to bring about optimum satisfaction.

Namecheap VPN

Why this? Namecheap has an upholding reputation one that precedes it like a shadow in front of it. Its privacy and security have been engineered to provide website security at its peak. It supports the rights of individuals and consumers online and it most definitely makes the option of a free, open, and safe internet available for everyone.

The benefit of opting for this hasn’t yet fallen out of the boundaries of a secured internet connection. It guises your online identity, making your activities annoyingly difficult for a third party to track. and yes it can smuggle you back into twitter so far you connected to a foreign server.

Kaspersky (#11,000 per year)-

Don’t let the money fool you, the services provided are inversely proportional to the amount paid.

When it comes to streaming services this VPN crosses the borderline and provides your device with a series of secured internet connections, which are succeeded by more series of secured fast internet.

Although limited in features it packs a pleasant surprise that can only be accessed by its users and yes one of the best parts is you won’t even notice a decline in your bank account.

Why opt for this?.

-it has a free version of 200Mb limited for a day

-allows a range from 1-5 simultaneous connections.

-has a simple pleasant interface.

-it’s affordable.

How secured can you be, using Kaspersky?

It brings a whole new type of interface to the table, with its licensed version of Hotspot shield barging into your deepest darkest secrets by external cogency would very much exist as impossible.

The pricing for security differs, but one of the impressive qualities of it is that all packages are annual.

Nord VPN

This falls under the list of cheap VPN services. It needs no introduction as it has tattooed its name on the forefront of cyber technology. Its consistency in quality service provision can’t be overemphasized along with that it packs a collection of safety features which includes, kill switch, DNS, Tor, and many more. It may sound like Latin but just to bring understanding to this field of knowledge it would be probably best to say Nord VPN has enough security features that can prevent the suns ray from touching your device.

Price; $11.95 monthly, $6.991 annually, $4.991 2 years, Best value: $3.49 monthly(3 years).

The service offered by this VPN is of great quality needless to say it provides a no-log policy and military-grade open VPN encryption, this should be an assurance that all your online endeavors are duly covered.

Express VPN

When it comes to security and coverage Express VPN is number one seconding to none it comes with a mouth-watering very desirable security feature and service protocol but one of the biggest drawbacks is the unfriendly price offers

With $12.95 per month, $9.99 6 months, and $6.67 15 months can surely leave a sane person mad and a rich man close to bankruptcy but then again, considering the market value and demands you would have to accept this as a fair bargain. This service most times can’t be afforded by most individuals yearning to use it so in the course of expressing fatherly love the special offer lets users of the money hook and supply 15 months of unlimited access to Netflix.

Surf shark

This is one of the newest entries into the market. Just within a brief period, the surf shark has already secured an audience with its unbelievable price offers this is still of great uncertainty, but this strategic move has given a lot of its competition a run for their money.

Surfshark has broken all records by staring straight into the eyes of capitalism and proffering an offer of $1.99 per month as payment for its services a 24-month subscription plan. What do you define as cheap again?.

Its monthly plans on the other hand are hellishly expensive but opting for a 24-month subscription would really give you a peaceful sleep.

Surf shark offers a bundle of security protocols the likes of UDP and TCP, IKeV2 protocols, a private DNS, double-hop, and of course AES-256 encryption with a kill switch.

Below is the list of free VPN available for users of all caliber.

-Proton VPN

-Windscribe VPN- comes with 2GB of data for internet surfing.

-Tunnel bear.


-Hide me.

This set of free premium to internet users is well modified just like their purchased counterparts to dispense safe connection and rapid internet speed to tickle the fancy of operators.

A quick brush on why it is needful to use a VPN.

-it provides optimum security to users’ satisfaction.

-Hides Up address.

-No logs.

-it unlocks websites.

-unlimited device bandwidth.

-24/7  customer services.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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