Example 7th Edition APA Paper format


Example 7th Edition APA Paper Format


The American Psychological Association commonly known as APA is the most widely used writing style in the world of academics. In the course of your academic pursuit, you will likely be asked by your supervisor to use the APA style in writing your course work, term paper, thesis, among others; depending on your area of study.

A couple of science textbooks, journals mostly use the APA style, and it is mainly used in social sciences like; sociology, psychology, anthropology among others. Worthy of note is the fact that APA had updated its style guide to 7th edition toward the end of 2019, it makes writing flexible and easy and also contains many features that are different from the APA 6th edition.

What is an APA writing format?

APA is a method or order in which academic documents like journals, articles, projects and book etc are written. APA is mostly used to make reference sources where a particular material was taken particularly within the area of psychology, sociology, and anthropology which fall under social sciences.

The APA style manual contains guidelines which are designed to make reading easy and understandable and flexibility in the choice of words which minimizes language favouritism.

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The 7th Edition APA

In October 2019, the seventh edition of the APA was published. The new edition was aimed at promoting simplicity in writing and communication. Included in the new edition is a new journal content which outlines the criteria for qualitative analysis in conjunction with updated criteria for quantitative analysis. The seventh edition of APA contains a lot of adjustments and additions which will be helpful to teachers, students etc; as we are going to see in the example of the seventh edition APA Paper format.

Example of APA Paper

We are going to consider and example of the seventh edition of the APA paper format.

Margins must be set to one inch (1”)

• The spacing must be double

• You are to create a title for your paper

• Page numbers must be added to the header

• The title page should be created

• Finally set up the reference list

Margins Must Be Set To One Inch

All you need to do is to go to your page layout, click on margins and the click on the ‘normal ‘ option to set it on one inch.

The Spacing Must Be Double

In the seventh edition, double line spacing is used throughout. This can be done in two ways;

First, you click on the Home Tab, you will see a paragraph box, in the paragraph box you click on the two up/down arrows and click on 2.0 and your writing will automatically set itself on double line spacing. Another way is by long pressing the control key, together with 2 to double space.

Create A Title For Your Paper

Your title should be precise and also summarize the primary topic of your work.

For example; Effects of Covid-19 on the world’s population.

Page Numbers Must Be Added To The Header

The page number is to be set in the right area of your paper. Note, inbuilt page numbering system should be used, avoid writing the page number manually.

Create The Title Page

The title page which is found on the first page of the paper must contain the following information;

• Title of the paper

• Your Name

• Name of institution e.g University of uyo

• Course Registration number

• Department

• Supervisor

• Due date

N/B: All the information must be centralized.

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Set Up Reference List

Referencing in the seventh edition is done in an alphabetical order starting with the Author’s last names, unlike the sixth edition that doesn’t consider the arrangement in alphabetical order. In a situation where the work has no name, use the title to organize it in alphabetical order; ignore title that begins with ‘a’, ‘in’, ‘the’, and so on.

Example: Ababio. (2009)

Anonymous. (1988)

A guideline for fat reduction. (2001)…

Example 7th Edition APA Paper format -Conclusion

In this article, we were made to see that the seventh edition APA has proven to be the most simplified, easy to understand the edition of the APA. I am sure you will no longer have a problem understanding the seventh edition APA, having seen how helpful it has been to teachers and students in the academic world.

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