How to Design a letterhead – 3 Points you should know


How to Design a letterhead

What is a letterhead 

Offices, firms, companies among others, use letterhead to write letters, memos, and other official reports and writing. We often see organisational letters with company logo, business address, email, dates and other information designed to reflect the company’s brand (colours, images, fonts et cetera) on a paper usually of higher quality compared to other papers or documents used by the organisation.

A letterhead is the heading at the top of a letter. This heading consists of the business name and address, logo or corporate design and sometimes has a background design i.e a watermark. Letterheads are always designed to have a certain personal logo or signature assigned to a firm or business.

When designing a letterhead you need to personalise it so it has your signature or speaks of your company. 

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Steps on How to design a letterhead 

When designing a letterhead the following should be considered.

  • Pick a size and shape 
  • Choose a theme 
  • Personalize with images 
  • Typography is the cornerstone of a good letterhead 

All the listed above is very important to consider when writing a letterhead 

  • Pick a size and shape 

When designing a letterhead the size and shape are important. It is always important to use a landscape rectangle for the letterhead it makes it lay at the top of the letter perfectly and also makes it pleasant to the eye. The landscape helps you arrange your address, name, logo and other things perfectly on the letterhead. Using a rectangular landscape it fits perfectly with the shape of a paper.

  • Choose a theme

When designing a letterhead its important to choose a theme which lets people know about your business or what your firm is about. A theme can say a lot about you or your firm even without saying anything. With the right theme, your letterhead paper already portrays your firm or business. 

  • Personalize with images

When designing a letterhead you need to add images, these images are just logos of your firm. These images tell people a lot about your firm. A logo is like a way to say your firm’s name without writing the name. When people see the logo they know it is your firm even without seeing the name of your firm. 

  • Typography is the cornerstone of a good letterhead 

In a letterhead, typography is very important. It is the cornerstone of any letterhead. Without typography, your letterhead is not complete. Typography gives all the information anyone needs to know about you ranging from your address, contact information like phone number and email and even the firm’s or business’s name. You can not design a letterhead without typography, it’s very important in a letterhead. 

There is basic and important information that needs to be the letterhead. Below are the items needed to be present in a letterhead. 

  • Address of firm or business
  • Contact information 
  • Signature and name 
  • Background image (watermark if needed)

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How to Design a Letterhead -Basic things to Know

Here are some things to consider when designing an effective letterhead. 

  • The Basics: this simply is just who you are, where you are and how to get in contact with you that is basically the same things you would put in a complementary card. 
  • Other info: basically other ways to get in contact with you like Facebook, email, tweeter etc. 
  • Standard industry practises: its also good to list some basic things about your company or firm. 
  • Don’t be carried away: don’t get carried away and start including things that are not really needed it will just make your letterhead bulky and complicated.
  • Adding colour or not: adding colour to your letterhead also makes it presentable and pleasing to the eye. Colours make things look good and adding colours to your letterhead makes it look really good. People do letterheads with no colours but it is not compulsory to add colour but it is just nice to see won’t you agree?

In conclusion, letterheads help tell people everything they want to know about you and your firm. It also gives people an easy and fast way to contact you when needed. Having learnt How to Design a letterhead, I believe it would be easy for you to do it now.

Letterheads are an essential part of any firm when sending documents and writing letters to other people or even from department to department in the same firm or organisation. 

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