Example of Lesson Note Format and Contents for Teachers


Example of Lesson Note Format – Here are  some examples on the question how do I write a lesson note and content for Teachers.

Lesson Note Format for any Subject


A lesson note is the guide every subject teacher needs while delivering a lesson.

In teaching, though a subject teacher can be knowledgeable about a subject matter or a topic, there is always a point or the time when he or she would need to make reference to a lesson note.

The lesson note is that piece of writing that contains all the information put together by a subject teacher about a topic to teach a set of students.

The lesson note usually carries or has a particular structure that it follows. It can also be called a set of thought lines arranged by a subject teacher to deliver in the course of a lesson.

There are different steps a lesson note needs to carry or follow. The lesson note is first a directory, it is usually written in the third person plural, in order to enable a third party use the note, in the absence of a particular teacher.

Lesson note format and Examples


The topic which happens to be the first on the list for the lesson note format gives an introductory for the entire format. It states the topic a subject teacher intends to deliver.


This carries the information of the class and even the arm a subject teacher is to teach the subject.


The duration carries the time a teacher ought to spend teaching a particular topic.

This time depending on the subject is usually allotted to a subject teacher by the time table manager in a particular school.

The time allotted to a subject teacher in a secondary school is usually 40 minutes.


This is the slot that tells whether or not a lesson is to be delivered to a class of either just females or males or both. The students attending the school determine this. It could be a school of both sexes or either of one.


The age slot tells the average age range of the students in a class.

Teaching Aid:

Teaching aids are those materials that help a teacher deliver a lesson effectively.

Here, a teacher indicates the materials he or she is using for his teaching and the items used in preparing his lesson note.

These teaching aids range from varieties of visual aids, textbooks, white/blackboard, marker, etc.

How to Write Lesson Note and Contents

Below are some things that must be added to your Lesson Note for easy comprehension for the teacher and as a student aid.

Behavioural Objectives:

The behavioural objectives are a list of things or objectives a teacher is expected to have achieved at the end of a given lesson period.

The behavioural objectives usually follow the pattern or list of items that are come under the “instructional procedure”.

An example of behavioural objective(s): At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to;

  1. Define the term “Noun”
  2. Mention the types of Nouns
  3. Make sentences with Nouns

Set Induction:

On the lesson format, the set induction is what tells how a teacher starts a particular lesson.

An example of the most common phrase used on the set induction is: The teacher has told the students the meaning of Nouns.

Entry Behavior:

The entry behaviour tells how a teacher starts his lesson.

It is equally an important guide especially if the teacher who writes the lesson note is not the same person who takes the class.

The phrase used here most times is: The teacher introduces the topic on the board.

Instructional Procedure:

The instructional procedure is a step by step strategy as to how a teacher’s lesson will flow in the process of delivery.

In the Instructional procedure, the teacher indicates what steps exactly he or she will take in order to get to the point where students can be said to have acquired a new set of knowledge.


The content is that part of the lesson note that contains all that there is to a particular topic.

In the content, there is detailed information about the topic a teacher intends to teach.


The summary/conclusion is that point where a teacher wraps up or concludes his lesson.


In an evaluation, a teacher tends to ask questions to assess the knowledge of the students concerning the topic that has just been taught.

In some cases, a teacher asks direct questions or asks the students to perform evaluative tasks.

Assignment/Class Activity:

The assignment or class activity brings a class to an end.

This is the point where a teacher sets questions for the students, either to take home or to solve in class.

Most times, these set of questions or tasks are more difficult than the ones earlier asked. The essence it to build and strengthen the mental capacity of the students.

Having a lesson note is primary in the course of teaching or lecturing. It is the one and best tool that enables a lesson flow in the teaching and learning process.

Class Teachers that need Lesson Notes

  • Primary Schools Teachers (Primary 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)
  • Junior Senior Secondary School Teachers  (JSS 1, JSS2, JSS3)
  • Senior Secondary School Teachers (SS 1, SS2, SS3)
  • Pre-Nursery Teachers

Top Subjects using Lesson Notes

  • English
  • Literature in English
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Government
  • History
  • Commerce
  • Christian Religious Studies
  •  Islamic Religious Studies
  • Arabic
  • Civic Education
  • Agricultural Science
  • Yoruba or Igbo or Hausa
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