Examples of Indoor Sports you should know


Examples of Indoor Sports and Games

Staying happy is essential to humanity as this affects the psychology and sociology of human existence. Happiness is a sport too; no one in the right frame of mind would want to be unhappy, therefore now and always individuals or group of people engage themselves in activities to enhance happiness.

It could be a pleasure from high-risk sports to get that adrenaline pumping; diving from such height the breeze could peel your flesh, racing at such speed you could almost think you paused time, and simply playing hide to find your shadow, a pillow fight could do, horse racing, etc.

Yes, just having fun has advantages to it like stress reduction, sound sleep, boosted energy, increased concentration levels, etc. and indoor sporting is a two-way straw.

The health of an individual is dependent on his or her body (physical health) and mind (mental, social, psychological and emotional health). Drugs are not the only substances that help to improve the health condition of and individual, exercises, sports and games do these too and improve the immune system and health of an individual.

They are physical activities that train the body to be strong, boost one’s health as it affects the internal body system and improves the states of mind of an individual. They also serve as sources of entertainment and fun not just amongst children and youth but even elderly ones. These activities help to keep our muscles strong and decrease the rate of ageing. 

Exercises may come as prescription, but sports and games are usually done by groups of people guided by some sets of instructions and rules. These Sports and Games can be done outside in an open environment or a very wide space whether enclosed or open.

Examples of Outdoors sports and games include Bike racing, Running, Swimming, Archery, Football, Car racing, Skating and horse racing.

 Indoors sports and games on the other hand are done in an enclosed space, whether a wide or small space. Here are some popular indoor games you find interesting:

  1.  Table Tennis. This is a game played by two (one on each side) or four persons (two on each side). They hit a ball across a table of specific length with a bat (equipment that looks like a racket but made to fit one’s palm). The table is divided equally by a net of a particular height. The game is started by tossing a coin to determine the first player. 

Some rules and regulations of the game include:

        • When the ball is served it must touch the side of the server table before striking the opponent.
        • when a ball is served and it touches the net, it must be reserved again
        • In a situation where four players are involved, partners must switch hitting the ball in a rally.
        • The game is played and won at eleven points and a point is scored when a player fails to hit the ball back.

This game trains the body to be, balance, alert and move quickly. It improves mental calculation, the coordination between the eyes and the hand.

2. Boxing. This is played by two persons (each an opponent to one another). It is played in an enclosed spot called a ring. Equipment needed for this sport includes boxing gloves and shoes, mouth guard, headgear and a chest protector.

It is similar to wrestling as both are combat sports. Involves throwing punches at one’s opponent in particular places of the body so as to weaken and overpower him or her. The game is guided and coordinated by a referee to avoid foul play or injuring one’s opponent.

Though the winner of the game is determined by a panel of judges based on the number of points, the last man standing always wins. Boxing as a game helps to improve and strengthen the muscles. Boxing is usually fun to watch. 

3. Basketball: this game could be played outdoors or indoors. It is played by ten players opposing each other- five on each team. It is similar to football but played with hands. The player bounces and dribbles with the ball then try to get it through a net hung on a pole of a specific height.

Basketball players are commonly tall people and persons who have the ability to lift themselves to a specific height easily. The game is played in a rectangular arena called a court of a specific dimension. This game helps to stretch and strengthen joints and muscles. It also teaches teamwork. 

A few more other indoor sports include Badminton, hockey and Volleyball.

Pick one sport you enjoy, join a team, make new friends, go to competitions if that blood is cold and thick, win a medal if you have to, what matters most is that you stay happy!

IGBAJI U.C.https://igbajiugabi.com
Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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