Executive Summary Example –  6 Best Steps To Writing An Executive Summary


The purpose of an executive summary is to provide a brief and condensed overview of a report, proposal, or document, highlighting the key insights and essential details without delving too deeply into explanations.

It is a snapshot that captures the most important aspects of the larger context, concisely presenting them. Essentially, the executive summary is a way to get a quick understanding of the main points of the content.

Meaning Of Executive Summary

An executive summary is a brief and condensed document overview summarising the main points of a longer report, proposal, or related report. The length and extent of an executive summary will vary depending on the document it summarizes, but it usually ranges from one to two pages.

The primary purpose of the executive summary is to provide readers with a quick understanding of the essential aspects of the content without having to read the entire document.

The Benefits Of An Executive Summary

  1. An executive summary is a time-efficient tool that enables readers to comprehend a document’s essential points and significant discoveries without the need to read the entire content. Providing a concise version, saves valuable time and facilitates efficient decision-making.
  2. The executive summary provides clear and focused insights by presenting a brief summary of complex information. It eliminates irrelevant details and emphasizes important aspects, which makes it easier for readers to comprehend and retain the main message.
  3. Strategic communication can be greatly enhanced by using an executive summary to effectively share important information with stakeholders, decision-makers, or senior executives. This concise overview provides a broad summary of the key points, making facilitating discussions, presentations, or further exploration of the full document easier.
  4. The executive summary provides decision-makers with important information in a summarized format, including key findings, recommendations, and conclusions. This helps decision-makers to make informed choices based on the summarized information and can be used as a reference point for strategic planning and action.
  5. Due to its brief structure, the executive summary enables a wider range of individuals to access information. It provides a means for busy people to swiftly comprehend the main ideas, even those who lack the time or knowledge to analyze the complete report.

How To Write An Executive Summary

These are simple steps to follow whilst writing an executive summary;

  • To create an executive summary, it is important to carefully examine the document you are summarizing and identify the significant terms that should be included in the summary.
  • To engage your audience and encourage them to read the entire summary, it’s essential, to begin with compelling words at the start of the summary.
  • In brief, summarize the document’s key points using concrete language while ensuring that you include the essential keywords.
  • Make sure to avoid using fake or ambiguous words and language, instead, keep your language simple and clear.
  • Emphasize the favourable results of the issue discussed in the document.
  • Proofread and check for errors.

Example of an executive summary

Below is an instance of how an executive summary appears;

Example of an executive summary


How you present your executive summary can either entice the reader to read further or not. It should be brief, avoid complex language, and, most importantly, convey the same message as the original document that is being summarized.

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