Fruits, leaves and their benefits


Fruits, leaves and their benefits

A leaf is a flattened structure of a higher plant, typically green and blade-like, that is attached to a stem directly or via a stalk. Leaves as much may sound technical in its definition but it’s a gift of nature, human beings have taken for granted for a long time.

Its aesthetic, medicinal and nutritional value are incredibly important to human survival. The medicinal and nutritional value of various leaves will be discussed. They are as follows:

Guava leaves: Guava, a common tropical fruit found in many tropical and subtropical regions, oval in shape with light green or yellow skin and contains edible seeds. The guava leaves are used to make tea and contain a lot of health benefits which a lot of people are yet to come across.

The benefits of the guava leaf are:

1. They help lower the blood sugar level. This is a relief to people suffering from diabetes and other risk associated diseases.
2. Guava leaves Tea may help boost heart health. They are found to contain anti-oxidants and vitamins which help protect the heart.
3. Painful menstruation cramps are not only treated with the normal buscopan but can be treated with a cup of guava tea.
4. The digestive system feels relieved with a glass of guava tea.
5. Study has found that guava leaf tea aids weight loss.
6. Guava leaf oil is more effective in stopping cancer cell growth.
7. Guava leaf tea helps boost your body immunity.
8. Guava leaf tea and oil helps with hair growth.

Pawpaw: The health benefits of pawpaw cannot be overemphasised. It is a juicy fruit which from its leaf to its seed contains a lot of benefits to human. These benefits are:
1. Pawpaw is a fibre, antioxidant and vitamin-rich fruit which aids the reduction of cholesterol in the human body.
2. It helps in boosting of immunity in the body.
3. Vitamin A and flavonoids like betacarotene, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthina and lutein are present in pawpaw and helps keep the eye healthy and far from damage.
4. Pawpaw helps in the easing of menstrual cramps.
5. Pawpaw contains anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties

Bitterleaf: Bitterleaf as the name sounds is a bitter shrub grown fully can be a 21 feet green plant. It may be bitter but offers a wide range of health benefits. The health benefits of the bitter leaf are:
1. Bitterleaf helps to cleanse the vital organs of the body like the liver and the kidney.
2. It aids weight loss
3. It reduces cancer risks
4. It lowers blood pressure.
5. It aids in the treatment of abdominal issues.
6. It enhances fertility.

Moringa: Moringa also known as the drumstick tree, the miracle tree, the horseradish tree is a tree grown in Asia, Africa and South America. It contains a variety of proteins, vitamins and minerals. It contains healthy compounds such as zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium etc.

The Leaves of moringa are known to possess a lot of health benefits and they are:
1. They protect the liver.
2. They are good for preventing and treating cancer.
3. They fight against bacterial diseases.
4. They treat stomach disorders such as ulcer, constipation and gastritis.
5. They make the bones healthier.
6. They are good for protecting the cardiovascular system.
7. They help in the fast healing process of wounds.
8. They aid the treatment of diabetes.
9. They aid the treatment of asthma.
10. They aid in the reduction of high blood pressure.
11. Protection of the kidney against diseases that may attack the organ.
12. Treatment of anaemia and sickle cell diseases.

Bay leaf: The bay leaf is commonly used in cooking stews, marinating meat before cooking. Most users use this leaf out of its aromatic features ignoring its healthy benefits which are incredibly beneficial to the human body. These benefits are:

1. Bay leaves are rich in a wide range of vitamins.
2. They are used in the treatment of migraine when made in form of a tea.
3. They contain enzymes that help break down proteins and digest food faster.
4. They help prevent indigestion.
5. They help reduce cancer risk.
6. They help fight fungal diseases.
7. They help treat diabetes.

Are there other fruits and leaves you’d want us to include or do you have comment or suggestion on the topic as discussed: Fruits, leaves and their benefits? Kindly use the comment section to reach us.


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