GoDaddy Hosting and Domain Name Review


GoDaddy Hosting and Domain Name Review

Godaddy is one of the best hosting and domain name providers in the world and we also listed it among the best domain and hosting registrars in our previous post. Godaddy is an easy-to-use website and it is easily navigable on any device so ensure that you give it a try after reading this article.

This article would cover the following areas:

  1. Godaddy Domain Name registration review
  2. Godaddy Hosting Plan review
  3. Godaddy Customer Service Review
  4. Godaddy Market Place review

Godaddy Domain Name Registration Review

Godaddy has a lot of TLDs that are very affordable especially during the first year of registration. GoDaddy has a lot of TLDs and some of the popular ones are:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .club
  • .org
  • .me
  • .asia
  • .guru
  • .cloud
  • .info

Godaddy domain name registration price range from $2 to $100 and this is for top-level extensions so ensure that you choose the one that you can easily renew per year.

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Godaddy Hosting Plan Review

Godaddy has a lot of hosting plans and below is a list of Godaddy hosting plans:

  1. Web Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. WordPress Ecommerce Hosting
  4. Business Hosting
  5. VPS Hosting
  6. Dedicated Server

Godaddy Web Hosting: This is the cheapest hosting plan that works with basic websites and it is further subdivided into four (4) other plans namely:

  • Economy Hosting: The economy is the lowest hosting Godaddy Web hosting plan and there are several benefits attaches to it like free office 365 email, free domain, unmetered bandwidth, 10 databases, 100GB storage, and free 1 click WordPress install. It costs $4.30 for the first month but $8.90 after the first month.
  • Deluxe Hosting: Deluxe is a medium plan for basic websites and the benefits are all the benefits of the economy plus unlimited sites, and unlimited storage. Deluxe costs $7.99 for the first month but $11.90 after the first month.
  • Ultimate Hosting: Ultimate hosting has a lot of watery benefits such as increased processing power, unlimited websites, unlimited storage, unlimited database, unmetered bandwidth, free 1 click WordPress install, free SSL certificate, Free premium DNS, free domain, and free office 365 email.
  • Maximum Hosting: Maximum is the largest and also has the best offers for the Web hosting section. Maximum costs $19.90 for the first month but it costs $24.99 after the first month.

WordPress Hosting: WordPress Hosting is further divided into four different hosting plans namely:

  • Basic
  • Deluxe
  • Ultimate
  • Ecommerce

WordPress hosting prices range from $6.99 to $15.99 per month and please note that these payments are for the first year alone so ensure that you read the benefits outlined below each plan before making payments.

WordPress Ecommerce Hosting: This hosting plan is for those who want to build an eCommerce store with WordPress and this is the only hosting or domain registrar with such a plan that is made specifically for Ecommerce using WordPress. WordPress Ecommerce hosting plan has the following benefits attached to it:

  1. Unlimited visitors & storage for 1 online store.
  2. 1-click staging environment for testing.
  3. Daily backups (on-demand and downloadable).
  4. Free access to $3,000.00 of WooCommerce extensions.
  5. Unlimited product listings. No transaction fees.
  6. Automatic WordPress core updates & security patching.
  7. SEO optimizer to increase traffic.
  8. Free domain ($34.99/yr value).
  9. Free SSL installed and configured.
  10. Daily malware scans, removal, and hack repair.
  11. Free Business Email – 1st year.

The price is $15.99 per month and this is the discount price for the first month but after then, it would cost $24.99 so take note of that before paying for it.

Business Hosting: Godaddy Business Hosting is for business companies as the name implies and it has four other plans under it namely:

  • Launch: Launch is the smallest plan under the Business Hosting plan and it has some features such as 60GB of storage, 2GB Ram, 1 CPU, Unmetered Traffic, Unlimited Websites and Databases, Free Unlimited SSL for your website, Free Office 365 email. This plan costs $19.99 per month for the first month and $29.99 per month for the next renewal.
  • Enhance: Enhance is the next plan after the Launch plan and it has features like 90GB storage, 4GB RAM, 2CPUs, Unmetered Traffic, Unlimited Websites and databases, Free unlimited SSL for your websites, and Free office 365 Email. The enhanced plan costs $34.99 for the first month and $49.99 when you renew it.
  • Grow: The Grow plan has similar features with the enhance and launch plan but the only difference is that there is an increase in the storage capacity.
  • Expand: Expand is the last plan among the business Web hosting plans and it is for photography or resource-heavy sites. Expand plan has the following features 150GB storage, 8GB RAM storage, 4CPUs, Unmetered Traffic, Unlimited Websites, and databases, Free unlimited SSL for your websites, and Free office 365 email. This plan costs $59.99 for the first month and $99.99 when you renew it.

Virtual Private Server: The Virtual Private Server Web hosting plan has different plans for a standard RAM and a High RAM and this plan allows you to take control with full root access and optional control panels, Backups with uptime performance monitoring, and unlimited traffic.

The VPS hosting plans for the standard RAM costs $4.99 for the 1 vCPU and $69.99 for the 8 vCPU and this is for the first month. The High RAM costs $9.99 for the 1 vCPU, and $99.99 for the 8 vCPU for the first month also.

Dedicated Server: Dedicated Server hosting like VPS hosting has two main plans namely HDD, and SSD NVMe and each has different prices for the same plans.

The NVMe plan is the higher version of the SSD plan and it costs $139.99 for the lowest plan and $419.99 for the highest plan and this for the first month while the HDD plan costs $129.99 for the lowest plan and $399.99 for the highest plan.


Godaddy hosting is very detailed and this means that there is a hosting plan for any type of website you might want to create. This particular feature makes Godaddy unique from other hosting providers through their plans might be expensive for newbies or beginners, it is worth giving it a try if you can afford it.

Finally, Godaddy gives a huge discount for domain registrations for newly registered users so do not hesitate to signup if you want to register your .com extension for a cheap price.


Godaddy has a broad range of plans for its users and in terms of quality, I would say that Godaddy ranks among the best in the world so ensure that you sign up and try their services once you are done reading this post.

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