Namecheap Hosting plan and Domain name registration review


Namecheap Hosting plan and Domain name registration review

Namecheap is one of the best domain name registrars and hosting providers in the world and they have one of the best plans for newbies or those who just started web designing newly.

This article would give you all the information you need to know about Namecheap and this includes the various hosting plans and the domain extensions that can be registered on Namecheap.


Follow the steps outlined below to sign up on Namecheap:

  • Visit Namecheap website
  • Click on Sign Up on the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • Input the username of your choice
  • Input the password you would like to use
  • Input your first name, and last name
  • Finally, input the email address and tick on the box if you want to be updated once there is new information.

We would cover the following sections outlined below in this review:

  • Namecheap domain registrations review
  • Namecheap hosting plans review
  • Namecheap email hosting review
  • Namecheap Security plan Review


Namecheap is one of the biggest domain TLD registrars and their domain names are very cheap and it is very good for beginners or those who cannot afford expensive domains. Below are some of the TLDs available on namecheap and their prices:

  1. .com – $8.88
  2. .net – $10.98
  3. .org – $9.18
  4. .dev – $14.98
  5. .app – $14.98
  6. .website – $1.99
  7. .io – $32.98
  8. .co – $7.98
  9. .ai – $58.98
  10. – $6.98
  11. .ca – $11.98
  12. – $6.98
  13. – $1.00
  14. .tech – $8.88
  15. .club – $2.98
  16. .live – $2.98
  17. .info – $3.98
  18. .inc – $2,098.00
  19. .store – $2.88
  20. .biz – $4.98

Above is a list of some of the popular domain names one can register on Namecheap but there are still many more that we did not list here due to the nature of this post.

Whenever you register a website for the first time with Namecheap, you would be given a discount and the amount you would pay the following year would increase by some dollars and with that, we would move to the hosting plans review.


Namecheap has various hosting plans and we would explain how each hosting plan works so that you can choose wisely. The various hosting plans under Namecheap are:

  1. Shared Hosting: In shared hosting, different websites are assigned a particular server and the downside of this is that every website is not allocated a specific space so the one with more traffic would have an advantage over others.

Shared Hosting is divided into the following:

  • Stellar: Stellar is the cheapest shared hosting plan and the features of stellar are 20GB SSD, 3 websites, and a domain name and it costs $2.88 if you are paying monthly and $18.44 dollars for your first year if you are paying yearly, and $33.44 if you are paying for two straight years and this translates to $1.44 dollars per month.
  • Stellar Plus: Stellar plus is for those who want to run a medium site and some of the features are unmetered SSD, Unlimited Websites, Auto backup, and domain name. Stellar plus costs 4.88 dollars per month but you would receive a discount during the first month.
  • Stellar Business: Stellar Business is the largest of the stellar plans and it used for sites that cannot expensive hosting plans but want a fast site. Stellar business hosting costs $8.88 dollars per month and $4.80 if you want to pay for a full year and it is the only stellar hosting plan stored on the cloud.
  1. Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting is a type of hosting where you can host multiple websites on one hosting plan and the reseller hosting plan is categorized into:
  • Nebula Plan: The nebula hosting plan can host up to 25 Cpanel accounts and it has a space of 30GB. Nebula hosting costs $19.88 per month or $18.88 if you are paying for one full year.
  • Galaxy Expert Hosting: Galaxy hosting can host 100 Cpanel accounts and it has 90GB SSD space furthermore, it costs $36.88 per month and $31.88 if you are paying for one full year.
  • Universe Pro: Universe Pro is the largest amongst the Reseller hosting plan and its features are 150 Cpanel accounts, 150GB SSD space, and WHMCS starter. Universe Pro hosting plan costs $54.88 per month and $51.88 if you are paying for a full year.
  1. VPS Hosting: VPS means Virtual Private Server and this is a form of shared hosting but the difference is that in VPS hosting each website is allocated an amount of space unlike in shared hosting where the person with the highest amount of traffic gets the better of the hosting plan. VPS hosting. VPS hosting is subdivided into two plans namely:
  • Pulsar: Pulsar hosting is the least of the VPS hosting and the features are 2 CPU cores 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD RAID 10, and 1000GB Bandwith.
  • Quasar: Quasar is the largest amongst the VPS hosting and the features of Quasar hosting are 4 CPU cores, 6GB ram, 120GB SSD RAID, and 3000GB Bandwidth.

The general benefits of VPS hosting are full root access and operating system (OS) selection, your choice of server management, Top security standards, free transfer of existing websites to Namecheap, and 30 days money-back guarantee.

  1. Dedicated Servers: Dedicated server hosting means that a website has one server to itself and this is generally the most expensive and largest type of hosting which is majorly used by big websites that can have up to a million visits in a day. Dedicated Server has three (3) plans namely:
  • Xeon E3-1230 V5: This plan has several features and they include 4 cores @ 3.4 GHz, 8GB DDR4, and 240GB SSD and it costs $47.88 dollars per month and $639.88 dollars if you want to pay for a full year.
  • Xeon E-2236: This plan has certain features such as 6cores @ 3.4Ghz, 32GB DDR4, and 2 X 480GB SSD. This plan costs $78.88 per month and $1108.88 if you want to pay for a full year.
  • Dual EMD EPYC 7282: This plan has certain features such as Dual-core 16 @ 2.8GHz, 128GB SSD RAM, and 4 X 1.92TB NVMe. This plan costs $255.88 per month and $3448.88 per year.


Namecheap email hosting has three different hosting plans and they also have a trial. Below is the list of the different hosting plans:

  • Starter
  • Pro
  • Ultimate

The email hosting plans also include the following benefits:

  • Custom Domain-based email
  • Safe access with 2FA
  • Unified Inbox
  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • POP3/IMAP/Webmail access
  • HTML Signatures


Namecheap Security plan consists of the following:

  • SSL Certificates: SSL certificates are used to protect the browsing data of your web visitors and any website without an SSL certificate would not be able to use HTTPS. It is important to have HTTPS especially for websites that would have online payments as part of the website.
  • WhoisGuard: WhoisGuard is used to protect a website’s owner’s data from the public or from those trying to access the data of the owner of the website.
  • Premium DNS
  • CDN
  • VPN
  • ID Validation
  • 2FA
  • Public DNS

SSL stands for Socket Secured Layer and once it is activated, one can use HTTPS and HTTP and not HTTP alone which is the default for every hosting plan. Namecheap SSL certificates are divided into the following:

  • Positive SSL: Positive SSL is the cheapest amongst the SSL certificate plans and it costs $8.88 per year.
  • Essential SSL: Essential SSL costs around $20.88 per year
  • Instant SSL: This plan costs around $24.88 per year
  • Positive SSL- Multi-Domain: This plan costs $21.88 per year but a discount would be given if you want to pay for more than one(1) year
  • Instant SSL Pro: Instant SSL Pro costs $38.88 for a year
  • EV SSL: EV SSL costs $56.88 per year.
  • Positive SSL Wildcard: Positive SSL costs $78.88 for a single year.
  • Premium SSL: Premium SSL Costs $78.88 for one year
  • Unified Communications: This SSL plan costs $70.88 for a single year
  • Essential SSL Wildcard: This plan costs $78.88 for a single year
  • Multi-Domain SSL: This plan costs $88.88 for a single year
  • EV Multi-Domain SSL: This plan costs $126.88 for a single year
  • Premium SSL Wildcard: This plan costs $158.88 for a single year


To pay for Namecheap hosting plan, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to Namecheap website
  • Sign in to your account
  • Navigate to the Hosting menu
  • A drop down will appear showing the list of different hosting plans
  • Click on any one of your choices
  • Click on the plan you want to pay for
  • select the plan duration and also the domain name you are paying it for
  • Input your card details and make payments.
  • A receipt would be sent to your email once the transaction is completed


This post would not be complete without this section though it is a review post, it is important to know the positives of Namecheap because a lot of people may be planning to use Namecheap after reading this article. Below is a list of three(3) solid reasons why one should make use of NameCheap


We would compare Namecheap with other domain registrars in terms of hosting, domain name registrations, and other necessary things that a website cannot do without. Using the table below, we would compare different hosting plans of Namecheap with some of the top-level domain names and hosting registrars.

Products Or ServicesNamecheapGodaddyBlueHostSiteground
Domain Name Registration Fee for.COM$8.88 for the first year$13.17 for the first year$12.99 for the first year$15.95 per year
Hosting Plan Registration Free Range$2.88- $255.88 per month$4.33-$399.99 per month$2.95-$119.99(for the first month) per month$410.00 per month
WhoisGuard Registration FeeFree for lifeNor freeNot freeNot free
This is a list of important products and their prices so ensure that you take note of them


Namecheap coupon codes are used whenever one wants to pay for either a hosting plan or domain registration and there are several coupon codes such as:

  • Popular Domains for just 99 cents
  • Private Email free trial for 2 months
  • 21% off Dedicated server hosting plans
  • 80% off hosting and domain registration
  • WordPress hosting form $1.00
  • Namecheap VPN for $1.88
  • 45% off shared hosting plans
  • Free Monthly coupons
  • 48% off Positive SSL wildcards


Whenever a lot of people want to pay for their hosting plans or domain registration, a lot of people tend to overlook customer care but one of the reasons why we would advise you to use Namecheap is because of their customer care.

Namecheap’s customer care is divided into several departments and once one department cannot handle the issue or the issue is not peculiar to them, it would be transferred to another department immediately.

The customer care is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so even if you are to chat up Namecheap customer care a 2 am in the morning, your issue would be resolved and if you end up exiting the chat, you would be followed up via email especially if your issue is an important issue.

Most Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions being asked by a lot of people and we would provide answers to them:

Is Namecheap TrustWorthy?

Namecheap is trustworthy and my websites are currently being hosted with them so you have nothing to worry about the security of your website. Also, no fear of hidden charges. Yes, you read that correctly, What you pay from the beginning remains till any day you want to move to another hosting provider.

Is Namecheap Good

After using Namecheap for more than 2 years, I can boldly say that NameCheap is good and it is important to share my testimony with you if that would convince you.

There was a time I decided to move my website from WordPress hosting to Shared hosting because of my inability to access my website’s content without an FTP called Filezilla. After the process was completed, I could not see any content on my website so I immediately contacted Namecheap’s customer care and the issue was resolved immediately without me being involved in the process.

Is Namecheap really Cheap or just another name to sell?

A lot of people marvel at the prices of Namecheap hosting plans because when compared to other hosting providers, it looks unreal but from our research, we found out that Namecheap buys its servers in bulk and once this is done, the price would be reduced hence the reason why their plans are so affordable by many especially beginners.

From the review we have written, it can be seen that one of the qualities of Namecheap is that it is very affordable and beginners friendly so if you are still contemplating on whether to pay or not, then we can tell you affirmatively to proceed with the payment of your choice.


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