How To Find Freelance Jobs And Earn In Dollars – Top 5 Freelancing Platforms That Pays In Dollars You Might Want To Try


How To Find Freelance Jobs And Earn In Dollars – Top 5 Freelancing Platforms That Pays In Dollars You Might Want To Try

Individuals who work on a contract basis for a business or client engage in freelance work. Freelancers, sometimes known as “contractors,” are independent contractors who do not work for a single employer but rather for multiple customers.

As a freelancer, you can set your hours, manage your workload, and keep all the money you make from your freelance endeavours.

The best way to find a reliable freelance site to book contract work is to research the types of projects posted, the clients using the platform, the payment methods accepted, and the rates of the sites in question. The finest freelance platforms prioritize ease of use, speed of payment, price transparency, and seller and buyer safety.

Using freelance design job listings to your advantage is one way to increase your efficiency. Finding new possibilities is as easy as browsing one of the many freelancer-focused job forums.

Some websites that enable freelance jobs and earn dollars are listed below.


Upwork has the potential to be one of the best places for freelancers of any stripe to find work.

There are many opportunities for people skilled in web design, graphic design, customer service, and even freelance writing on Upwork.

Updates are constantly being made to the endless stream of job listings. Many firms, ranging in size from startups to multinational conglomerates, are looking for freelancers to fill various roles, including design and writing.

When you initially start using Upwork (previously Elance-oDesk), there is a slight learning curve. Practising the art of proposal writing is essential because it may be necessary to bid below your pay rate to improve your feedback rating.

There are a lot of freelance tasks offered on Upwork, but there are also many eager people looking for them. If there are already 30 bids for a project, submitting one is not worth your time unless you’re an Upwork superstar.

However, some Upwork freelance designers can consistently land high-paying gigs. Making a name for yourself on Upwork can result in a substantial financial payoff.


Toptal advertises itself as a hub for the top 3 per cent of the independent workforce.

They receive thousands of applications each month but only accept a small fraction because of how stringently they examine potential employees. Due to this unique selling point, they stand out from the crowd of freelance job boards.

Toptal is a freelance marketplace where companies post job openings for designers, developers, financial experts, and product managers.

It can be difficult to break in, but if you do, you’ll have the opportunity to work with some major brands.


You should have a LinkedIn page if you’re an expert in any profession, but especially if you have an artistic bent.

You must keep your profile current to expand your network and start talking to other users through the built-in messaging system. It’s more than a resume because you can showcase your previous work in each position.

Making your knowledge in a particular design area searchable on this site can bring in new visitors and help you connect with others who share your interests.

LinkedIn ProFinder is another helpful tool the company has released to assist businesses in their search for freelancers with the necessary skills. Recruiters can narrow their search for qualified candidates by selecting a specific keyword or phrase.

Similarly, LinkedIn ProFinder will bring you leads on projects that match your skill set, allowing you to submit a proposal and bid on the work. Having this person acting as your recruiter is a huge help.

The LinkedIn job board is an excellent resource for finding freelance, contract, or internet work. When it comes to finding a job, LinkedIn is a top choice because it consistently meets users’ needs.


For independent creatives, Behance is among the top resources online.

In it, you can take your pick from a wide variety of unique artistic expressions, such as animations, websites, mobile apps, and static images. By populating your Behance profile with examples of your best work, you can showcase your talents to a community of people who share your passion for the creative process.

Even more, attention will be paid to your effort if it is selected as a featured project. Someone interested in hiring you might happen to stumble over it.

Behance is a portfolio site and a social network for designers. Adding more people to your contact list will help you get new design jobs.

Additionally, Behance features a job area rich with freelancer opportunities. Although the number of available positions is limited, those listed are commensurate with Behance’s stellar reputation.


The platform was initially designed to facilitate rapid freelancing work for USD 5, hence the name “Fiverr,” but it has since expanded significantly.

Pricing, bundles, and optional extras can now be established. Many astute freelancers advertise cheaper rates for smaller jobs to increase their client base. It’s similar to providing them with a low-priced taste of your work in the hopes that they’ll want to hire you for more expensive jobs.

It’s also worth noting that Fiverr has built-in payment processing, so you won’t need to send out invoices or remind customers to pay via PayPal. When a buyer’s order is complete, payment is made directly into their bank account.

Some professionals in the freelancing industry may look down on Fiverr because of its relatively modest beginnings.

Still, the site is helpful for novices and those ready to give variable service pricing.


Dribbble is widely recognized as the premier portfolio site for freelance designers. Making a Dribbble profile is a must if you want to find freelance design work in any field, from graphic to product design and beyond.

Promoting your skills and experience to potential employers is much easier with a solid Dribbble profile. Numerous employers scour Dribbble in search of skilled designers. You need to put out a terrific bio and highlight your best work.

Dribbble also provides a simple interface for changing your employment availability on an as-needed basis. And if you sign up for the premium service, you’ll gain entry to a premium freelance designer job board.

Dribbble is a great place for web designers, graphic designers, and people with similar skills to find new ideas and potentially new freelancing clients.

Igbaji Ugabi Chinwendu, from Cross River State, Nigeria. As a Business Educator, he is profoundly interested in teaching and managing business. Started blogging 2010 and officially 2013. He holds the esteemed positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director at Freemanbiz Communication and Writers King LTD, demonstrating his leadership and expertise in the field.


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