How To Know You’re In Love – 7 Signs That’ll Convince You That You’re In Love


How To Know You’re In Love – 7 Signs That’ll Convince You That You’re In Love

Everyone experiences love differently. Some people fall in love at first sight, while others might take a little longer for their love story to unfold. It’s common practice to try to persuade yourself otherwise, even when you are on the verge of knowing for sure that you love someone.

And while accepting that you are in love might be frightening, realizing this can completely transform your life.

Even though it can be difficult to tell the difference between being in love and simply having a lustful infatuation, there are always a few telltale signs to figure it out. Here are some ways to recognize when you’re in love, even if you don’t think you are.

1. You feel excitement or joy whenever you’re around them.

Gayle Johns-Carter, a certified life coach and the owner of Coaching Your Life’s Goals, told INSIDER that being in love causes you to experience a different kind of excitement than the relationships or friendships you have.

“You can feel good about your partner by feeling happy, smiling more, picturing them, or even by smelling their perfume or cologne when they aren’t there,” she said. “All these things tend to make you happy, excited, and longing for that special person. If you feel these things, that person is the one you want to stay in love with forever. He or she is a keeper, in my opinion.”

2. Your heart rate increases.

Dr Don Vaughn, a neuroscientist in the UCLA Department of Psychology, advised INSIDER that one way to tell if your love for the person you’re dating is genuine is if your heart rate increases.

According to studies, looking at someone you love with passion causes your heart rate to increase and your brain to become more complex.

When you look at a friend or member of your family who you love or admire, your skin conductance and zygomatic muscle activity (also known as smiling) will be higher than when you look at a stranger.

3. You feel secure and protected around them.

Even though having a sense of security ought to be a given in a relationship, not all relationships will exhibit that. But if you have a strong feeling for someone, Johns-Carter asserts, you are unquestionably in love.

You know you’re in love, according to Johns-Carter, “when you hear that small voice inside of you saying, “it’s okay to let your guard down” and you listen.” You have faith and trust that the other person genuinely cares about you and wouldn’t want to see you suffer in any way.

4. They make you want to smile whenever you see or think of them.

According to Johns-Carter, smiling constantly is not one of the wild things that love allegedly causes you to do; instead, it comes naturally.

She told INSIDER, “You are the happiest when you’re with that person; your heart smiles.” “You discover that you are unaffected by the insignificant things around you. It’s almost as if anything that doesn’t make you happy doesn’t affect you. Love is incredibly unforeseen and uncontrollable. Love seems to brighten life considerably, especially when one can smile.”

5. You always make sure to look your best for them.

If you want to look your best, Johns-Carter said, you’re probably in love with this person, whether you’re getting ready for a date or just planning to spend quality time together at home.

When you are going to be in their presence, you take the time to ensure that everything about your appearance is flawless, including your attire, hair, and even your nails, she said.

6. You have the urge to bond with them more.

It may seem normal to want to be with the person you’re dating, but according to Vaughn, if you want to bond with them more than anyone else, you’re probably in love.

According to him, those parts of the brain that become active during sex, food, addictive substances, and general pleasure are dopaminergic reward regions, which are increased in activity in people who are in passionate love.

“Passionate love produces a strong urge to bond via the “love hormone,” oxytocin, and dopamine’s lustful, reward-seeking effect. Oxytocin is so closely associated with the bonding that injecting it into a prairie vole female causes her to cling to the closest male immediately.”

7. You anxiously await their calls or visits.

Few things can match the excitement of anticipating seeing or hearing from the person you’re dating. If you continue to feel that way long after the initial stages of being together, you’re almost certainly in love.

“You’re starting to feel that love when you find yourself constantly checking the phone for texts or missed calls from that special someone,” Johns-Carter told INSIDER. “Even though you are fully aware that your device is functioning, you start to believe it isn’t.

When no knock or bell rings, your heart becomes even more anxious because you are eager to spend time with them. You stand there waiting for the bell to ring.”


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