How to print NYSC Online Relocation Letter


How to print NYSC Online Relocation Letter

The 2015 NYSC Batch A 21 days Orientation have come and gone. How to print NYSC Online Relocation Letter if you applied for relocation and it was approved is been discussed here. So many corps members had fun while some others felt they were maltreated by the Army whom it was their duty to train, drill and protect these corps members.

Prior to different experiences of these corps members, some felt they cannot continue in the states they were posted to and resorted to applying for relocation, while some was on health issues and insecurity as well as marriage.

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Corps members whose application was approved were notified via text messages.

How to print NYSC Online Relocation Letter

  1. Log in to your NYSC Online dashboard.
  2. Click HERE to log in with your email and password.
  3. Go to: To manage relocation  and click.
  4. Make a payment of N1000 and wait for it to redirect after successful payment.
  5. You may decide to print the payment receipt (This is advisable as it shows prove of payment if you system accidentally shut down or any other unforeseen contingencies)
  6. After redirection, you can now download and print your NYSC relocation letter online.
  7. Do not forget to make a copy for reference purposes.

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  1. My relocation letter is not printing and I have no idea why. It just giving me load report error. Please what should I do now

  2. Iam physically challenged(cripple)somebody nd some other illness,pls what will i present to the camp officials for me to get relocated to my area nd serve there?

  3. I am married and i have uploaded all necessary documents two weeks, only to get a call from nysc that none of the document was seen. And my dashboard is still saying your application is been processed, their is no link to re upload again. What can i do?

  4. I went to camp with my marriage certificate promise to send the remaining documents which I have done 21 Dec 2016 but I was unable to print my relocation letter still saying under process what can I do

  5. Still in camp ( kaduna 2016 batch b stream 11,) My husband is from Abia State. About 5months pregnant, i was redeployed on marriage grounds and was asked to go home. i just checked my dashboard to know when to print out my relocation letter and the info there is that i should upload evidence of marriage. CONFUSED!!!

  6. pls I did relocation on 23rd of Jan since then I av not seen message of approval.when would I receive d message? what should I do?

  7. I applied for relocation after camp on marital basis where I have provided all the required documents and it’s almost 2 months now and I haven’t receive any message. Please what should I do

  8. I got married after camp so I applied for a relocation on Jan 10 where I have provided all d required documents but up till now my dashboard is still has my old record. Please I don’t know what to do.

  9. Morning o, am batch b stream 1 2016, i applied for online relocation on January 2,2017 after camp but on Febuary 13,2017 i saw “there is issue with ur relocation aproval” on my dash board. What am i to do. Thanks

  10. I was trying to redeploy on marriage for the past one month but is not granted, The only thing i see is (is being processed) but i can”t make a payment and print, pls put me through.

  11. Am batch B stream 1, I apply for relocation on marriage ground cos I just did my traditional marriage this year, and they are asking for my marriage certificate which have not yet done my white marriage. What can I do? And I was ask to pay the same of 1000, when have not seen if it was proved cos all am seeing is been processes. Should I pay the money and what can I do pls?.

  12. Please I am serving in Adamawa and I applied for relocation.
    what do I do when my letter comes out? Should I go straight to the new state or is their anything I need to do before I go?
    Help me with clarifications please.

  13. My relocation letter is not printing and I have no idea why. It just giving me Remita internal error . Please what should I do

  14. Hi,
    My relocation has been approved but I am not able to print to relocation letter on my dashboard instead am seeing go to your nysc secretariat for clearance

  15. I got married after camp and applied for relocation, but it’s over a month now and its still processing why na? must it complet three month first before they approve relocation? NYSC need to change there way o haha…

  16. I also apply for relocation on camp but not granted and I was posted within the state I reapply again since Jan. but till now still on process.

  17. Hi,I applied for redeployment and its showing approved but I have to get clearance from state coordinator to print out the form,please what do I do?? And how many days or weeks dose it take before the redeployment expires??

  18. Nysc should allow corps member to relocate at will,often times corps member are facing difficulties in there communities were they are serving raging from water supply,poor facilities like houses built without toilets,bathroom etc and causing them poor hygiene and insecurity.


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