How to serve in your state of choice NYSC Batch B 2016


How to serve in your state of choice NYSC Batch B 2016

Serving in your state of choice as a corps member is your entitlement an do not require you to pay any money to any individual or group. You do not have to worry or be afraid as NYSC has made it in a way you can choose three (3) states of your choice during NYSC online registration.

Keep all the documents you need for the registration ready as the N3000 for NYSC payment. This will enable you provide these details on time and stand better chance of service in your desired state of choice.

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Again, you need to bear in mind that your posting, as at the time of writing this post is done automatically and not by any individual, so do not think your friend’s uncle that works in NYSC will influence your posting…We’re still in Nigeria anyway…lol.

My point is do not pay money to get posted to your state of choice. You have 3 options  to choose from. Make effective use of your time and money. Don’t be scammed!

Ask us any NYSC online registration question below, we’ll answer you:

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Making Money Opportunity for corps members

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  1. Please I registered for Batch A 2016, was mobilized but I could not go to camp. Will I have to go to school to inform them or should I just click on revalidate when the registration portal opens? Please this matter has me really confused. Urgent reply needed.

    • On several occasions the link for re-validation appeared on NYSC site. The link might appear on the NYSC site during registration.

    • Your state of origin and state you schooled will not be in the list you’ll see. Again, any state that get filled up will be taken off from the list

  2. pls my date of birth in waec certificate is different with other documents. is there any problem during verification at the camp

  3. i used neco gce result,do i stil need waec scratch card 2 change my date of birth during registration becos there is error in my dob

  4. date of birth on my waec certificate is
    higher than the one on my documents
    The age on the second list of
    documents is my actual age). Is there anything i can do reflect d age showing on my waec
    certificate. or i shall just register with it
    And i have graduated from foreign school.

  5. pls I apply for jamb regularization number going to 3 weeks now. yet I can not found my name in the senate list. pls what could be the problem.

  6. Pls my date of birth I was using before was different from the one it brought out when cross checking. it was 1990 and I saw 1991. Meanwhile it was 1990 that I was using that I used to check my name on senate list and it brought my name. My question is hw can I amend this. Tanks

  7. pls the date of birth on my jamb registration is different from my normal date of birth so when I was doing my registration for nysc the date of birth prensented to me was 1995 instead of the 1994 that is on my waec certificate, my question now is that won’t u encounter any problem when I get to camp because I use 1994 too check verify my name on the Senate list and it was successful.thank you.

  8. Am using 1994 in my credentials but when i prented the green card, the date of birth on it is 1994. Am using NECO not WAEC. Can i be able to correct my date of birth?

  9. Good afternoon sir I have submitted the documents required by nysc to my student affairs for the correction of my year of birth since on Tuesday till now av not seen any corrections online pls what do I do sir pls

  10. Pls i av problem wit my dob, d date on my neco result s diff frm d one on jamb result i.e neco s 5/5/1989 n jamb s 5/6/1989 while d correct dob s 3/6/1989, pls wot can i do

  11. Dear sir,pls help to educate me on this issue,my normal date of birth registered in my institution differs from the one jamb gave to me,instead of 27,July 1985,they gave me 01,July,1985 i hope it won’t affect me in future.

  12. Pls sir,again four option states of choice were given instead of three options as stated in net here,can correction be done and how can i choose my most choice of state to serve.

  13. greetings sir…I have prblm with my marital was mistakenly typed as single instead of married.I wrote application letter and sent to,I attached all the relevant document they needed for married woman through my email on 1st Nov,2016..but up to now they didn’t reply back..hw cn I correct it

  14. plz sir, I registered as a married woman with my husbands surname; doing registration in camp which name will I use for d registration my real name in school or my husband’s surname?

  15. Please admin, I missed my batch A online registration cos I wasn’t in the country at the time, can I still register with batch B online later this year?


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