Pregnant women, Nursing mothers, PG students Excluded from NYSC service year


Pregnant women, Nursing mothers, PG students Excluded from NYSC service year

After the pre-mobilization workshop held in Kaduna regarding the 2015 NYSC Batch B mobilization, a communique was reached that pregnant women, nursing mothers and students engaged in their postgraduate studies will no longer be enlisted  in the national service across the country, until they are free to participate effectively.

The Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps, Brig-Gen. Johnson Olawumi in a two-day pre-mobilisation workshop for the 2015 Batch “B” NYSC programme, held in Kaduna, stated that the exemption of pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as post-graduate students from national service was because they would not be able to take active part in the four cardinal programmes of the NYSC  which are mobilisation, orientation, primary assignment and winding-up/passing out parade.
Pregnant women, Nursing mothers, PG students Excluded from NYSC service year: The pre-mobilization workshop tagged “ICT and NYSC Mobilization Process: Towards Eliminating Identified Challenges,” also stressed the need to allow prospective corps members to choose the state they want to serve so as to achieve the aim of the programme at the end of the service year. This option of selecting by themselves excludes their socio-cultural and linguistic areas, using ICT solution.


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This was to stop students paying money to request for a particular state for the National Service year.

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  1. Why should nursing mothers & pregnant women be given such conditions? My questions to NYSC officials.1. Why should some schools delay their graduates 1-3yrs before their names be out for service. If u are one of the students what will u do? 2. Why is it that no condition is given 2 those schools who always delay their students service yr. 3. Why will u say dat pregnant women & nursing mothers cant perform well, are their not such in millitary & force world wide but they are given some considerations? 4. If ur are one of this people or ur daughter or someone close 2 u how will u feel? Let us not use our positions 2 abuse the rights of others. Think about it, God bless u.

  2. I really think the idea of choosing your state of choice is the best you can do for the aspiring Corp members instead of the exorbitant amount being paid all in the name of “working your state of choice”. Thank you
    Also i think excluding pregnant women and nursing mothers is like denying them the joy of serving their fathers’ land or are you saying that married women shouldn’t bother procreating cos they want to serve Nigeria? Please what advice would you give to married women intending to serve and also getting a family? Thank you☺

  3. the idea of denying pregnant mothers and nursing mothers from service is partial. so because intending female corp members should not give birth it sounds to disgusting. at least if the officials can say heavily pregnant women are not allowed it more safer than denying even nursing mothers you know how many damages that has been made due to these new law. A lot of newly wedded ladies has gone far aborting babies because their want to fit in into batch B service. please the general should have a second thought on these to avoid more damages. Thanks.

  4. The idea of delaying Pregnant women and Nursing Mothers is not welcomed. Does this mean they will be given exemption certificates, if not, they will only be denied the right to seek for jobs with their degree/HND just because they have no NYSC certificates. The God given right to procreation is theirs and they should not be threatened or intimidated by the NYSC.

  5. this is unheard of. even God in heaven will not be pleased with this latest development. This is a way of encouraging our newly wedded youth in committing murder just in the name of serving our father’s land. denying them access of raising their own children. please those in charge of this should tamper justice with mercy and fear God. thanx

  6. Nysc an intresting event ever happen in someone life,but am using this medium to plead on behave of the sick copper or copper on medical should be listen to.


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