How to install an air conditioner right


How to install an air conditioner right?

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How to install an air conditioner right?

When installing the air conditioner you should adhere to the following rules:

  • the air flow must not be directed at people;
  • it is not recommended to set air conditioning in front of the door;
  • wall split system must be located below the ceiling at 10-15 cm;
  • air conditioning should not be set above the top of the cabinets;
  • it is better to conduct the mounting during general repair of the rooms;
  • air conditioning cannot be placed over the heating device;
  • air conditioning must not be closed with curtains or walls;
  • installation of air conditioning in the room with working high-frequency devices (drill, lathe, etc.) is prohibited;
  • route length of equipment shall be as short as possible (one of the best options of how to install the air-conditioner is a wall adjacent to the window).
  • air conditioning must be connected via a separate cable to the junction box (like any other high-performance appliance).

Often, when it comes to small flats, these rules are violated. For this reason, you may experience cold or other illness. This is especially true for monolight windows that are tightly bound to the window aperture.

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Air conditioning in bedroom

Typically, a bedroom is a small room, a large part of which occupies a bed. Therefore, the best placing for air conditioner would be the wall near the headboard. It is important that the appliance must not be over the bed. Thus, a person will not be resting on the air flow blowing parallel to the bed.

It’s worth noting that even with a perfect placement of the air conditioner in the bedroom, it cannot be turned on all night through.

Air conditioning in children’s room

In order to install the air conditioner in a child’s room, you should be even more careful than when installing the device in the bedroom. After all, in a child’s room apart from the bed, there should also be working or playing place of the child. In addition, child`s body is more sensitive to air temperature fluctuations.

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Here you can`t always use the advice applied to air conditioner placement in a bedroom, it is not always possible. A crib is smaller than the bed and it is placed differently. Desk or favorite closet with toys can also “stand” in the way of airflow.

You may need to change the environment in the nursery in order to equip it with air conditioning. But there is, even more budget option: purchase of a mobile air conditioner. Then cold air can be directed at the other side of the child whatever he is doing.

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