Is Twitter afraid of Jordan Peterson? See its reaction to a “transphobic” tweet.


Clinical Psychologist, YouTube personality, and author, Jordan Bernt Peterson has had his Twitter account removed after several failed attempts by the mass inhabitants of the microblogging platform to reboot his online personality to fit their ideal description.

Peterson has had his long reign of terror as the grumpy old troll under the bridge.

While he works to effectuate the required level of masculinity as a domineering wrecking ball, the outcome of his intent has long signposted him as a Narcissist, misogynist, and transphobe.

The Canadian professor whose identity was concretized as a public intellect in 2010, had barely just a month ago, turned his face against a fat model in a swimsuit; Yumi Nu, the face of a sports magazine, calling her “unattractive.”

His choice to not conform to impossible beauty standards positioned him at the edge of a knife and stirred the troubled waters of Twitter till he was gaslighted and prodded to a lengthy break from Twitter.

His latest intake on the Trans-culture’s violation of speech pattern saw his comment on an LGBTQ actor; Elliot Page.

His adamant refusal to be verbally hindered by the actualized legislation(Bill c-16) that permits transgenders, sexually fluid and queers to be identified with the pronouns of their choosing—an all-including dispensation, led to the termination of his account.

His comment about Elliot Page Reads;

“Remember when pride was a sin? And [Elliot] Page just had [his] breasts removed by a criminal physician.”

The backlash and reaction on Twitter became a given questioning the integrity of the platform’s free speech policy and if indeed it is encouraged or if the term “free speech” can only subsist if it is tailored to make everyone comfortable.

This just brings to mind if twitter is scared of the presence of Jordan; his unapologetic nonconformity to scripted socialization, enough to haul him away?

Albeit, Jordan Peterson has refused to be shaken by the extreme measures taken by Twitter and as well, has refused to tender a sorry note for his action saying he would rather die.


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