Jungle Justice Prevails again; 1Notorious Cultist nabbed


Jungle Justice Prevails again; Notorious Akwa Ibom Cultist sees his end at the hands of mob.

A failed robbery attempt carried out at Number 2, Effiong Udoakpan Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state has issued a young man a ticket to his early grave.

Societal scourge and domestic terrorist otherwise addressed as Ttempo ran out of luck after an attempted robbery at a clothing boutique spelt his doom.

While many were fast asleep. Ttempo whose line of work involved pilfering, Vandalizing, and Robbery; both small and large scale, had decided to work overtime and extended his hours of operation to 4:30 am—The exact moment when nemesis exacted a swift and excruciating retribution.

Netizens and inhabitants of frankfik Boutique, along Barracks Road, Number 2, Effiong Udoakpan Street, Uyo.

Jungle Justice Prevails again; 1Notorious Cultist nabbed, Arose to the call of “thief ooh” mobilized themselves in multitudes and raced towards Udoakpan street in response to the call.

Ttempo, who wasn’t aware that his days were numbered, as he had already been marked out as a terror, was the most unfortunate amongst his gang of robbers to be caught by the agitated mob.

For a while, he appeared invincible as attempts to maim his skin with matchet proved abortive.

He was a chronic drug abuser and an undying essence embodied with charms, but after he was bounded and his protection and charms were severed off he was immediately laced with petrol and burnt alive.

While many took to their doors to celebrate the demise of the notorious cultist. Supol Odiko Macdon, The Police Public Relations Officer issued a strident warning to youths, charging them to unlearn the habit of jungle Justice as perpetrators of extra judicial killings and whatnot in the state would soon be prosecuted.

He, in his words, reminded the general public that such acts have never been recognized by the criminal justice system, and citizens should rekindle the flames of trust they once had In the police to establish justice in its required proportion.


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