Looming Plots to Impeach Buhari over aggravated Insurgency


Looming Plots to unseat Buhari over aggravated insurgency.

Following the dawn of Tuesday’s plenary; the senate president, Ahmad Lawan, was brought to questioning over the absence of the insecurity matters in the order paper

Lines of disapproval ran down the lawmakers as the silence over the threatening insurgency in the country was largely evolving unchecked. 

The aggravated insecurity that has become a distinct factor in Nigeria has moved the senators to consider a possible impeachment of the president of the federation, President Muhammad Buhari; the silence over the threat on the lives of the president, the governor of Kaduna state, and, and other top politicians had purge out displeasures from the lawmakers, and in turn, they vented to go after the president.

The senate president, while forestalling immediate actions on the matter, moved that the issue of security would be one to be covered on public grounds and not within closed corners.

Leaking from the intended purpose of the matter, it is worth knowing that the national assembly had, on several occasions threatened with the same actions following the onset of June 2018, May 2021, and now July 2022; when terrorism have become at its peak in, the worrying route of these bandit has stonewalled the national assembly, leaving them to second guess the possibility of these threats towards the seat of power in Abuja to suffer actualization.

On a recent call, the presidential convoy was attacked, the maximum confinement was breached and a record number of the inmates; proven terrorists, had fled. Not long ago troops of the 7 guards battalion of the Nigerian Presidential Guards brigade were waylaid with 3 soldiers injured and 8 killed.

With the Abuja-Kaduna victims still held captive and deviants slinging threats at the seat of power, it is only relative that the senators cash into the recent terror-plaguing incidents as a tool to impeach the president


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