Microsoft New Skill – Microsoft Introduces 4 Learn AI Skills Challenge To Acquire New Skill


Microsoft has launched the Learn AI Skills Challenge, which enables individuals to improve their professional prospects and acquire new expertise.

Users can avail themselves of AI training material spanning various Microsoft products and services by participating in the challenge.

The challenge encompasses four distinct AI tasks centred around machine learning, cognitive services, MLOps, and AI Builder.

The primary aim of this initiative is to assist users in progressing in their careers and acquiring new skills. It provides an excellent opportunity to access top-notch AI training material encompassing various Microsoft products and services.

Participants can select from four AI challenges designed to foster crucial AI skills required in today’s job market. Moreover, Microsoft offers the chance to join a technical community, attend live sessions, and build a network of individuals who share a similar passion for learning.

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The 4 Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge

Here are the learn AI skills challenge

1. Machine Learning Challenge

With Azure Machine Learning, you can generate and release machine learning models without coding. Additionally, you can delve into the developer tools available to interact with the workspace.

2. Cognitive Services Challenge

You can set up, safeguard, and implement cognitive services that seamlessly integrate into your applications. These services can extract contextual significance from text and facilitate various computer vision scenarios.

3. Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Challenge:

Implement MLOps to apply DevOps principles to machine learning projects. Utilize Python to train, store, and utilize machine learning models while incorporating source control, automation, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices.

4. AI Builder Challenge

Leverage AI Builder to construct models and leverage their capabilities within Power Apps and Power Automate.


Participants can explore customized experiences that align with their preferences and objectives throughout the challenge. They can actively participate in live sessions at Microsoft Reactor, engaging in interactive discussions with AI experts. Additionally, community leaders share their insights during local events, offering valuable perspectives on AI.

Moreover, participants can present their AI solutions utilizing Azure AI Services and receive guidance from industry experts. The Discord community provides continuous support and connections with technical experts, influencers, and fellow learners. These experiences collectively aid participants in developing sought-after AI skills and expanding their professional network.

The Learn AI Skills Challenge is free from July 17 to August 14. Upon completing a challenge, users will receive a badge and a certificate of completion.

Jael Okwuchukwu
Jael Okwuchukwu
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